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I. ETHICS AND BUSINESS. II. THE MORALITY OF BUSINESS AND CAPITALISM. James H. Michelman, Some Ethical Consequences of Economic Competition. Richard McCarthy, Business and Benevolence. Michael Novak, What Is Democratic Capitalism? and Virtuous Self-lnterest. Jeffrey Reiman, Exploitation, Force, and the Moral Assessment of Capitalism. III. DISTRIBUTIVE JUSTICE. Joel Feinberg, Economic Income. John Rawls, A Theory of Justice. Robert Nozick, Anarchy, State and Utopia. J. J. C. Smart, Distributive Justice and Utilitarianism. Milton Fisk, Economic Justice. IV. WORK AND HUMAN WELL-BEING. E. F. Schumacher, Buddhist Economics: Work. Karl Marx, Alienated Labor. Kai Nielsen, Alienation and Work. A. R. Gini and T. Sullivan, Work: The Process and the Person. V. THE CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY DEBATE. Milton Friedman, The Social Responsibility of Business Is to Increase its Profits. Thomas Donaldson, Constructing a Social Contract for Business. Fred D. Miller, Jr., and John Ahrens, The Social Responsibility of Corporations. Kenneth E. Goodpaster, Business Ethics and Stake-holder Analysis. VI. CORPORATIONS, RESPONSIBILITY, AND PERSONHOOD. Peter French, The Corporation as a Moral Person. John Ladd, Corporate Mythology and Individual Responsibility. Christopher Meyers, The Corporation, Its Members, and Moral Accountability. John D. Bishop, The Moral Responsibility of Corporate Executives for Disasters. VII. CORPORATE PUNISHMENT. Peter A. French, The Hester Prynne Sanction. J. Angelo Corlett, French on Corporate Punishment: Some Problems. Shannon Shipp, Modified Vendettas as a Method of Punishing Corporations. Robert J. Rafalko, Corporate Punishment: A Proposal. VIII. BUSINESS AND HONESTY. A. Z. Carr, Is Business Bluffing Ethical? Norman Bowie, The Ethics of Bluffing and Poker. Thomas L. Carson Richard E. Wokutch and Kent F. Murrmann, Bluffing in Labor Negotiations: Legal and Ethical Issues. Jennifer Jackson, Honesty in Marketing. IX. INSIDER TRADING. X. EMPLOYEE RIGHTS. David Ewing, An Employee Bill of Rights. Patricia Werhane, Employee and Employer Rights in an Institutional Context. Anita M. Superson, The Employer-Employee Relationship and the Right to Know. Tibor Michan, Human Rights, Workers' Rights, and the 'Right to Occupational Safety'. Robert Dahl, Democracy in the Workplace. XI. EMPLOYEE PRIVACY. George G. Brenkert, Privacy, Polygraphs and Work. Joseph R. DesJardins, Privacy in Employment. Richard Lippke, Work, Privacy and Autonomy. Joseph DesJardins and Ronald Duska, Drug Testing in Employment. XII. WHISTLEBLOWING. Richard T. De George, Whistleblowing. Whistle Blowing: Its Moral Justification. David Goldberg, Tuning in to Whistle Blowing. Ronald Duska, Whistleblowing and Employee Loyalty. Natalie Dandekar, Can Whistleblowing Be Fully Legitimated? A Theoretical Discussion. XIII. ADVERTISING. Robert Arrington, Advertising and Behavior Control. Richard L. Lippke, Advertising and the Social Conditions of Autonomy. John Waide, The Making of Self and World in Advertising. Lynda Sharp Paine, Children as Consumers: An Ethical Evaluation of Children's Television Advertising. XIV. AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. Thomas Nagel, A Defense of Affirmative Action. Leo Groarke, Affirmative Action as a Form of Restitution. Evelyn B. Pluhar, Preferential Hiring and Unjust Sacrifice. Laura Purdy, In Defense of Hiring Apparently Less Qualified Women. Sidney Hook, Rationalizations for Reverse Discrimination. XV. COMPARABLE WORTH AND SEXUAL HARASSMENT. Susan M. Dodds, Lucy Frost, Robert Paragetter, and Elizabeth W. Prior, Sexual Harassment. Larry May and John C. Hughes, Is Sexual Harassment Coercive? June O'Neill, An Argument Against Comparable Worth. Laurie Shrage, Some Implications of Comparable Worth. Judith Olans Brown, Phyllis Tropper Baumann, and Elaine Millar Melnick, Equal Pay for Jobs of Comparable Worth: An Analysis of the Rhetoric. XVI. MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS. Michael Jensen, Takeovers: Folklore and Science. Patricia Werhane, Two Ethical Issues in Mergers and Acquisitions. Lisa Newton, Charting Shark Infested Waters: Ethical Dimensions of the Hostile Takeover. Lisa Newton, The Hostile Takeover: An Opposition View. XVII. DOING BUSINESS IN A GLOBAL ECONOMY. Richard T. De George, Ethical Dilemmas for Multinational Enterprise: A Philosophical Overview. Norman Bowie, Business Ethics and Cultural Relativism. Thomas Donaldson, Multinational Decision-Making: Reconciling International Norms. Thomas Donaldson, The Ethics of Risk in the Global Economy. XVIII. BUSINESS AND THE ENVIRONMENT. W. Michael Hoffman, Business and Environmental Ethics. David P. Hanson, The Ethics of Development and the Dilemmas of Global Environmentalism. Peter Singer, The Place of Nonhumans in Environmental Issues. Eric Katz, Defending the Use of Animals by Business: Animal Liberation and Environmental Ethics.