Business Intelligence for New-Generation Managers


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Executives in Europe have significantly expanded their role in operations – in parallel to their strategic leadership. At the same time, they need to make decisions faster than in the past. In these demanding times, a redesigned Business Intelligence (BI) should support managers in their new roles. This book summarizes current avenues of development helping managers to perform their jobs more productively by using 'BI for managers' as their central, hands-on, day-to-day source of information – even when they are mobile.
On the Advent of Operational Perspectives in Business Intelligence.- On the Way from a Knowledge Discovery in Databases to a Predictive Analytics.- Design and Implementation of a Performance Measurement System for the German Trade Sector.- Applicability of Environmental Scanning Systems - A Systematic List Approach to Requirements Criteria.- Developing Individual IT-Enabled Capabilities for Management Control Systems.- Towards an Evaluation Framework to Structure Business Intelligence Project Patterns as Enhancement of Business Intelligence Maturity Models.- Deployment of a Descriptive Big Data Model.- Self-Service Management Support Systems - Findings from a New-Generation Manager Perspective.

Presents different perspectives on Business Intelligence for managers

Elicits latest conceptual knowledge focused on direct use for practice

Uses a business perspective on an Information Systems topic with growing importance in practice