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Assuming no previous knowledge of C, this book to teaches the C programming language while providing a wealth of current, real-world applications and examples drawn from the scientific and engineering fields. As engineers and scientists switch to C from Fortran in increasing numbers, this book solidly prepares students in these fields with numerous end-of-chapter exercises, complete and annotated program listings, and ample reference material all geared specifically towards their fields of study.
1. Computer Systems and Program Development 2. Introduction to C 3. Variables, Operators, and Control Flow 4. More Operators and Control Flow 5. Functions and Program Structure 6. Arrays 7. Pointers 8. Storage Classes and Type Qualifiers 9. Input and Output 10. Structures, Unions, and Enumerated Types Advanced Topics Appendix A. ASCII and EBCDIC Tables Appendix B. Summary of the C Language Appendix C. Syntax Diagrams of C Appendix D. Some C Functions Appendix E. C and UNIX Appendix F. VAX-11 C, Borland C++, and Microsoft C++ Hints and Solutions to Odd-Numbered Exercises Index