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I. AN INTRODUCTION TO MULTICULTURAL TEACHING. 1. Journeying Toward Multicultural and Social Reconstructionist Teaching and Teacher Education. 2. Multiculturalism and the American Educational Tradition. II. CURRICULUM, INSTRUCTION, AND ASSESMENT. 3. A Multicultural School Curriculum, by Geneva Gay. 4. Instructional Pluralism: A Means to Realizing the Dream of Multicultural, Social Reconstructionist Education, by Carla Cooper Shaw. 5. Assessment as a Way of Knowing Children, by Mary Catherine Ellwein and M. Elizabeth Graue. 6. Reconstructing Bilingual Education from a Multicultural Perspective, by Toni Griego Jones. 7. Multicultural Concerns and Classroom Management, by Mary Lou Fuller. III. THE SUBJECT MATTERS. 8. Telling and Critiquing Stories of Our Teaching—for Literacy, by Mary Louise Gomez. 9. Reading Within Multicultural Education: Beyond “Silent” and “Silenced,” by Patricia E. Enciso. 10. Mathematizing and the Democracy: The Need for an Education that is Multicultural and Social Recontructionist, by William F. Tate IV. 11. Learning Science as a Transformative Experience, by Jean Lythcott and James Stewart. 12. Teaching Social Studies for Decision-Making and Citizen Action, by James A. Banks. 13. The Social Reconstruction of Art Education: Teaching Visual Culture, by Kerry Freedman. 14. Multicultural Approaches to Music Education, by Julia Eklund Koza. 15. Curriculum and Instruction in Primary School Physical Education: A Critique and Visionary Perspectives for Reform in Teacher Education, by Jepkorir Rose Chepyator-Thomson. 16. Integrating Diversity and Multiculturalism in Health Education, by Veronica M. Acosta-Deprez. 17. Multiculturalism and Educational Theatre, by Mark Riherd and Nancy Swortzell. 18. Reading Film and Television in the Classroom: African American Representations in Popular Culture, by Ann DeVaney. IV. THE CLASSROOM AND THE COMMUNITY. 19. Field Experiences: Planting Seeds and Pulling Weeds, by Marilynne Boyle-Baise and Christine E. Sleeter. 20. It's Got to Be in the Plan: Reflective Teaching and Multicultural Education in the Student Teaching Semester, by Maureen D. Gillette. Index.