Cancer clinical pharmacology

Coordinators: Schellens Jan H. M., McLeod Howard L., Newell David R.

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The underlying theme of this book is the pharmacology of anti-cancer drugs in humans. The book considers both the theory and practice of clinical pharmacology where it is relevant to cancer treatment. It covers the basics of clinical pharmacology in oncology and cancer therapeutics, discussing the specific classes of anti-cancer agents in detail. Edited and written by a mix of generalist cancer clinical pharmacologists and sub-specialists within this area, the book allows the reader to develop both general clinical pharmacology skills and specialist knowledge for particular cancer chemotherapy agents.
1: Jos H Beijnen & Hilde Rosing: Bio-Analytical Methods for Anticancer Drugs, 2: Etienne Chatelut: Principles of Pharmacokinetics, 3: Jan H M Schellens: Clinical Implications and Mechanisms of Variability in the Response to Anticancer Agents, 4: Jim Cassidy: Drug Development and Study Design, 5: Gerard Milano & Jan H M Schellens: Pyrimidine Antimetabolites, 6: Jan Liliemark & Curt Peterson: Purine Analogs and Antifolates, 7: Alan. Part 5: Boddy. Alkylating Agents, 8: Howard L McLeod: Epipodophyllotoxins, 9: Jacques Robert: Anthracyclines, 10: Lucia Vigano, Alberta Locatelli & Luca Gianni: Taxanes, 11: Timothy W Synold: Vinca Alkaloids, 12: Eric K Rowinsky & Sharyn D Baker: Topoisomerase I-Targeting Agents, 13: Steven W Johnson, James P Stevenson & Peter J O'Dwyer: Platinum Agents, 14: Wandena S Lakhai, Jos H Beijnen & Jan H M Schellens: Novel Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors: Focus on Imatinib and Gefitinib, 15: Per E Lonning: Antiendoctrine Drugs used in Cancer Treatment, 16: D Paul Harkin & Patrick G Johnston: The Clinical Application of Tumor Biology
  • Develops a comprehensive understanding of basic clinical pharmacology techniques for the trainee and practising oncologist
  • Includes easy to read tables that allow rapid access to the main pharmacological characteristics of the outlined cancer agents
  • Includes an overview of the current most widely applied anticancer drugs
  • Integrates clinical pharmacokinetics, dynamics and therapeutic application of the outlines anticancer agents, useful for teaching post-graduate medical education