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(Note: Each chapter begins with an Introduction and ends with Exercises and Discussion Questions.) 1. Introduction to Career Planning. Model of Career Development. 2. Demographics and Workplace Trends: A Legacy of Change. Changes in Work and Workers. Labor Force Growth. Shortage of Workers. Workplace Skills. Education and Employment. Future Occupational Demand. Women's Issues. Minority Issues. Summary. 3. Self-Assessment. The Need for Self-Assessment in Career Planning. Interests. Abilities. Values. Traits. Computers as an Assessment Tool. Summary. 4. Career Information. Sources of Career Information. Summary. 5. Career Decision Making and Goal Setting. Influences on Career Decision Making. The Decision-Making Process. Evaluative Criteria in Decision Making. Integrated Careers. Impediments to the Career Choice Process. Goal Setting. Summary. 6. Functional Qualities. Introduction to Stage 2: Employability and Job Readiness. Functional Qualities. Where to Begin the Process of Developing Employability. Summary. 7. Resume Writing. Characteristics of a Well-Developed Resume. Resume Formats. Summary. 8. Employment Correspondence. Cover Letter. Requirements/Credentials Comparison. Letter of Inquiry. Thank You Letter. Summary. 9. Interviewing. The Interview. Interview Preparation. The Face-to-Face Interview. Employer's Decision Factors. Evaluating Job Offers. Summary. 10. Developing Job Search Strategies. Job Search Strategies. Summary. 11. Maintaining Productivity and Employability. Job Success Factors. Developing a Success Mentality. Fourteen Ways to Nurture Your Career. Continual Evaluation: Key to Career Success and Satisfaction. Keeping a Balance. Summary. References. Author Index. Subject Index.