Chemistry for the protection of the environment vol 1, 1991
Environmental Science Research Series, Vol. 42

Coordinators: Pawlowski Lucjan, Lacy William J., Dlugosz J.J.

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Chemistry for the Protection of the Environment
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Chemistry for the protection of the environment vol 1
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Over the last decade and a half, an environmental conference series has emerged to become one of the major international forums on the chemical aspects of environmental protection. The forum is called Chemistry for the Protection of the Environment CCPE). The sponsors of this CPE series have included the Chemical Societies of Poland, France, Belgium, Italy, and the U.S.A., the European Federation of Chemical Societies, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, the American Society of Testing and Materials, the International Ozone Association, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the Ministries of the Environment of Poland, France, Belgium, and Italy, US Environmental Protection Agency, more than twenty universities and institutes of higher learning, and five academies of sciences. The first meeting in this series was organized in 1976 at the Marie Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin, Poland. The conference dealt with various physicochemical methodologies for water and wastewater treatment research projects that were jointly sponsored by US EPA and Poland.
General Problems: Ground Water Pollution, A.L. Kowal. Hydrologic and Geochemical Implications of Waste Disposal Scenarios, M.S. Bedinger. Monitoring Methods for Surface and Ground Water and Analysis of Pollutants: Remote Water Quality Monitoring with an Airborne Laser Fluorosensor, M. Bristow, et al. An Overview of Advanced Spectroscopic Field Screening and In-Situ Monitoring Instrumentation and Methods, D. Eastwood, et al. Pathways of Chemicals in the Environment: Environmental Phototransformation of the Herbicide Bromoxynil, (3,5-Dibromo)(4-Hydroxybenzonitrile) in Aquatic Systems Containing Sodium Chloride, J. Kochany, et al. Pesticide Losses in Surface Runoff from Irrigated Fields, W.F. Spencer, et al. Physicochemical Treatment: Ion Exchange: Meeting Neutral Effluent Requirements in Modern Ion Exchange Demineralisers, J. Farrar. SelfHeating Hazard in Ammonium Nitrate Removal by Ion Exchange, A. Biskupski, et al. Coagulation, Flocculation and Sorption: The Thermal Regeneration of Exhausted Activated Carbon: The Balance between Weight Loss and Regeneration Efficiency, R.J. Martin, et al. Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) of Exhausted and Non-Exhausted Activated Carbon, M. Baudu, et al. 60 additional articles. Index.