Chemistry : the molecular science, with CD-ROM


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1184 p. · 22.5x28.5 cm · Hardback
This book is intended to help students develop a broad overview of chemistry and chemical reactions , an understanding of the most important concepts and models that chemists and those in chemistry-related fields use , an appreciation of the many ways chemistry impacts our daily lives , the ability to apply the facts, concepts, and models of chemistry appropriately to new situations in chemistry, other sciences and engineering and to other disciplines.This new text is available packaged with the CD-ROM, Version 2.6 which features more than 150 full-motion videos showing chemical reactions in progress, interactive three-dimensional molecular models, an Interactive Periodic Table, animated sequences, audio narrated problem-solving hints and suggestions, and software from CAChe Scientific/Oxford molecular to better view molecules, crystal lattices, and orbitals, in addition to ActivChemistry software to experiment on your own computer. CD-ROM icons located in the margin direct students to an upgraded version of the CD-ROM, Version 2.6. The upgraded version runs on major platforms including Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Macintosh. CD-ROM questions appear at the end of each chapter and PDF files for the accompanying workbook, featuring a guide to the program and extra problems and study questions, are located on the Web site.