China: its history and culture (3rd ed )


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China will be watched closely in the 1990s as it moves toward a market economy while retaining Communist control, as it deals with the repercussions of the Tiananmen Square suppression, as the Republic of China in Taiwan continues to make immense economic strides, and as Hong Kong, a British Crown colony since 1842, nears return to the People's Republic. In this edition of his book, Dr. Morton provides illuminating background information and rich insights into these developments. He has also revised the volume throughout, bringing up to date the sections on literature, law, the family, housing, and the role of women. For Westerners whether students, travelers, or interested readers, there is no better introduction to China, past and present, than this concise yet beautifully written volume.
The Land and the People of China. Origins and Early History. The Formative Period: Zhou Dynasty: 1027-221 B.C. Religion and Philosophy. Unification and Expansion: Qin Dynasty: 221-206 B.C. Han Dynasty: 206 B.C - A.D.221. Outsiders, Generals, and Eccentrics: The Six Dynasties Period: A.D.222-589. The Flowering of Chinese Civilization: Sui Dynasty: 589-618, Tang Dynasty: 618-907. The Chinese Enter on Their Modern Times: Five Dynasties: 907-960, North China, Teu Kingdoms: 907-970, South China.Song Dynasty: 960-1126, Jin Dynasty (Jurchen): 1126-1234, North China, Southern Song Dynasty: 1127-1279, South China. The Mongol Interruption: Yuan Dynasty: 1280-1368. The Restoration and Consolidation of Chinese Rule: Ming Dynasty: 1368-1644. The Manzhou: Summit and Decline of the Empire: Qing Dynasty: 1644-1911. The Impact of the West in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries. The Republican Revolution: 1900-1949. The Communist Revolution: 1949-1965. The Cultural Revolution and After: 1966-1979. The Economic Revolution and Tiananmen Square: 1980-1993. Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China's Foreign Relations. Chinese Society in the 1990's. Chronology. Selected Bibliography.