Chinese tea (3rd ed ) (3rd Ed.)
Introductions to Chinese Culture Series


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China is world renowned as the homeland of tea planting, production and drinking. In this illustrated introduction Liu Tong provides a fascinating insight into the ancient culture of Chinese tea, the trade, tradition, literature, philosophy and ceremony associated with tea in China and its popularisation around the world. Chinese Tea will appeal to all those with an interest in Chinese history and culture, and will be thought-provoking reading for the many tea drinkers found throughout the world.
Preface, 1. Good tea from remote mountains, 2. The art of tea-making, 3. Well-known tea drinkers and books about tea, 4. The spread of tea from China, 5. The lingering taste of famous teas, 6. Tea utensils, 7. Tea-Zen affinity, 8. Tea ceremony in China, 9. Tea-drinking customs, Appendix: chronological table of the Chinese dynasties.
Liu Tong is a graduate of the School of Foreign Languages, Peking University. Previously a translator, Liu is currently an editor at the English Editorial Office of The Commercial Press.