Cilia: Motors and Regulation
Methods in Cell Biology Series, Vol. 92


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Subject for Cilia: Motors and Regulation

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Along with its companion volume on axonemal dynein-mediated motility, this book provides researchers with a comprehensive and up-to-date source of methods for the analysis cilia and flagella, focusing primarily on approaches that have been devised or significantly extended since the last volume of Methods in Cell Biology on this topic (volume 47, 1995). Edited by Stephen M. King and Gregory J. Pazour, the newest installment of this highly acclaimed serial will serve as an essential addition to the study of cilia and flagella.

    * Covers protocols for cilia and flagella across systems and species * Both classic and state-of-the-art methods readily adaptable across model systems, and designed to last the test of time * Relevant to clinicians interested in respiratory disease, male infertility, and other syndromes who need to learn biochemical, molecular, and genetic approaches to studying cilia, flagella, and related structures

    MCB, 92

    1. Bioinformatic Approaches to Dynein Heavy Chain Classification

    Toshiki Yagi

    2. Identification and Characterization of Dynein Genes in Tetrahymena

    David E. Wilkes, Nicole Bennardo, Clarence W.C. Chan, Yu-Loung Chang,

    Elizabeth O. Corpuz, Jennifer DuMond, Jordan A. Eboreime, Julianna Erickson,

    Jonathan Hetzel, Erin E. Heyer, Mark J. Hubenschmidt, Ekaterina Kniazeva,

    Hallie Kuhn, Michelle Lum, Andrea Sand, Alicia Schep, Oksana Sergeeva,

    Natt Supab, Caroline R. Townsend, Liesl Van Ryswyk, Hadley E. Watson,

    Alice E. Wiedeman, Vidyalakshmi Rajagopalan, and David J. Asai

    3. Purification of Axonemal Dyneins and Dynein-Associated Components

    from Chlamydomonas

    Stephen M. King

    4. Purification of Dyneins from Sperm Flagella

    Kazuo Inaba and Katsutoshi Mizuno

    5. Protein Engineering Approaches to Study the Dynein Mechanism

    using a Dictyostelium Expression System

    Takahide Kon, Tomohiro Shima, and Kazuo Sutoh

    6. Biophysical Measurements on Axonemal Dyneins

    Hiroaki Kojima, Shiori Toba, Hitoshi Sakakibara, and Kazuhiro Oiwa

    7. Protein Electroporation into Chlamydomonas for Mutant Rescue

    Masahito Hayashi and Ritsu Kamiya

    8. Analysis of the Role of Nucleotides in Axonemal Dynein Function

    Chikako Shingyoji

    9. The Regulation of Dynein-Driven Microtubule Sliding in Chlamydomonas

    Flagella by Axonemal Kinases and Phosphatases

    Candice A. Elam, Winfield S. Sale, and Maureen Wirschell

    10. Analysis of Redox-Sensitive Dynein Components

    Ken-ichi Wakabayashi

    11. Calcium Regulation of Ciliary Motility: Analysis of Axonemal

    Calcium-Binding Proteins

    Christen DiPetrillo and Elizabeth Smith

    12. Isolation and Analysis of Radial Spoke Proteins

    Pooja Kelekar, Mei Wei, and Pinfen Yang

    13. Analysis of the Central Pair Microtubule Complex in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

    David R. Mitchell and Brandon Smith

    Researchers and students in cell, molecular and developmental biology.