Classroom applications of educational measurement (3° ed )


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This book provides comprehensive and balanced coverage of all aspects of assessment relevant to classroom teachers. KEY TOPICS: It includes the construction and use of paper and pencil tests, performance assessments, and portfolios, as well as coverage of performance objectives, validity, reliability, grading, standardized testing, and judging assessment quality. For education professionals, especially those involved with testing and measurement.
Part 1: FOUNDATION.. 1. Measurement, Assessment, and Evaluation. 2. Criterion- and Norm-Referenced Interpretations. 3. Measurable Objectives. 4. Validity. 5. Reliability. Part 2: WRITTEN TESTS.. 6. Completion and Short-Answer Items. 7. Essay Items. 8. Multiple-Choice Items. 9. Alternate-Choice Items. 10. Producing, Administering, and Analyzing Written Tests. Part 3: ALTERNATIVE ASSESSMENT TECHNIQUES.. 11. Informal Observations and Questions. 12. Considerations When Using Performance Assessments. 13. Creating Performance Assessments. 14. Portfolios. Part 4: SPECIAL TOPICS RELATED TO THE ASSESSMENT PROCESS.. 15. Questions for Guiding Student Assessments. 16. Teaching Students How to Take Tests. 17. Using Computers to Facilitate Assessment. 18. Reporting Student Performance to Parents and Others. Part 5: STANDARDIZED TESTS.. 19. Characteristics of Standardized Tests. 20. Using Standard Deviation to Interpret Scores. 21. Interpreting Percentile Ranks and Grade-Equivalent Scores. 22. Evaluating Uses of Standardized Tests. Appendix A. Illustration of Selected Statistical Procedures. Appendix B. Professional Opportunities in Educational Management. Index.