Clinical and fieldwork placement in the health professions


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SECTION 1, CONTEXTS OF PRACTICE. 1. Getting Ready for Placement. 2. Working in diverse settings. 3. Working with mothers and Babies. 4. Working with Children and Families. 5. Working in acute settings. 6. Working with older people. 7. Working in Mental Health. 8. Working in Workplace Practice. 9. Working in Private Practice. 10. Working in Rural and Remote Settings. 11. Working in Indigenous Health Settings. SECTION 2: THERE'S MORE TO CONSIDER. 12. Models of supervision. 13. Making the Most of Your Fieldwork Learning Opportunity. 14. Assessment of Clinical Learning. 15. A model for alternate fieldwork. 16. Interprofessional Learning: Working in teams. 17. Learning from failure. 18. Using online technology. SECTION 3: THE BIG PICTURE. 19. Fostering Partnerships with Action. 20. Ethical decision making. 21. The three R's: Roles, Rights and Responsibilities. 22. Legal Issues. SECTION 4: TRANSITION TO PRACTICE: LIFE ON THE OTHER SIDE. 23. Transition to practice: You become the supervisor. 24. Starting out in supervision. 25. Health workforce recruitment. Index.