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Introduces prospective and practicing health professionals interested in nutritional care to the planning, intervention, and evaluation services they will be called upon to provide to individuals and groups. KEY TOPICS: Outlines the historical evolution of community nutrition and its current, changing environment. Considers the application of food and nutrition principles as a process, views its users as customers, replaces the concept of "hospital" with "community health facilities." Presents the Community Nutrition Paradigm to help readers conceptualize and define the organization and management roles in a practice setting. Provides an overview of the needs of special populations (e.g., pregnant women, infants, children, adult men and women, and the elderly). Explains the community programs and services that serve these groups with special nutrition needs. Features chapter-length coverage of cultural diversity. Emphasizes the use of information technology and includes a grant-writing practice activity. MARKET: For prospective and practicing health care professionals involved with community nutrition.
Part 1: OVERVIEW OF THE FIELD OF COMMUNITY NUTRITION.. 1. Community Nutrition: Origin and Description. 2. Nutrition Issues and the Changing Health Care Field. 3. Community Nutrition Resources. 4. Diversity: A Global Perspective. Part 2: SELF-MANAGED CARE AS AN EMERGING ISSUE IN COMMUNITY NUTRITION PROGRAMS AND SERVICES.. 5. Healthy Mothers and Infants. 6. Healthy Children and Adolescents. 7. Healthy Adults. 8. The Healthy Older Person. Part 3: RESOURCES TO MANAGE PROGRAMS AND SERVICES FOR CUSTOMERS AND COMMUNITIES.. 9. Management for Nutrition Programs and Services. 10. From Assessing Needs to Developing Objectives. 11. Implementing Interventions. 12. Policy Formulation. 13. Monitoring and Evaluation. Part 4: COMMUNICATING EFFECTIVELY.. 14. Marketing, Motivation, and Media. 15. Writing Reports and Proposals. Appendices.