Complementary & alternative therapies for nursing practice (3rd ed )


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Providing a comprehensive overview of alternative health practices and complementary therapies from a nursing perspective, this enlightening and informative resource covers the principles, techniques, research, health promotion methods and healing practices for specific illnesses and symptoms. This newly updated third edition incorporates the latest research findings, expanded resource sections, additional photographs, and thoroughly updated material. This is a perfect resource for nurses and practitioners in allied health fields who seek to expand their practice to offer wider choices to consumers of health care.

1. Integrative Healing

2. Basic Concepts Guiding Alternative Therapies

3. The Role of Evidence Based Health Care in Complementary and Alternative Therapies

UNIT II.Systematized Health Care Practices

4. Traditional Chinese Medicine

5. Ayurvedic Medicine

6. Native American Healing and Curanderismo

UNIT III.Botanical Healing

7. Herbs and Nutritional Supplements

8. Aromatherapy

9. Homeopathy

10. Naturopathy

UNIT IV.Manual Healing Methods

11. Chiropractic

12. Massage

13. Pressure Point Therapies

14. Hand-Mediated Biofield Therapies

15. Combined Physical and Biofield Therapies

UNIT V.Mind Body Techniques

16. Yoga

17. Meditation

18. Hypnotherapy and Guided Imagery

19. Dreamwork

20. Intuition

21. Music Therapy

22. Biofeedback

23. Movement-Oriented Therapies

UNIT VI.Spiritual Therapies

24. Shamans

25. Faith and Prayer

UNIT VIIOther Therapies

26. Bioelectromagnetics

27. Animal-Assisted Therapy

Appendix. Alternative Therapies for Common Health Problems