Complete guide to choosing a cruising sailboat


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Cover of the book Complete guide to choosing a cruising sailboat

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Plus, you'll learn how to determine in advance how much blood, toil, tears, and sweat your dream boat will cost you in maintenance (so small thing).

Best of all, you'll find Marshall's 12-page comparison table of production sailboats from all over the world, packed with information about 130 boats--length, beam, draft, displacement, ballast, sail area, fuel and water capacities, performance ratios, capsize and comfort ratios, and more, all tabulated for convenient and revealing comparisons.

With this book's help, you will board your own "ideal" vessel, satisfied that you're familiar with your boat from the masthead down and certain that it will bring you years of sailing pleasure.

List of Drawings Acknowledgments Introduction Chapter 1: What Do You Want in a Cruising Boat? Chapter 2: Hull Shapes Chapter 3: Seaworthiness Chapter 4: Comfort and Ease of Handling Chapter 5: Performance and Efficiency Chapter 6: Sails and Deck Chapter 7: How Much Does It Really Cost? Chapter 8: Ease of Maintenance Chapter 9: Getting It Together Index