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The Complete Idiot's Guide® to a Healthy Relationship, Second Edition will contain approximately 15% new material. Some of the highlights include: two new chapters on relationships in the new millennium, including content on managing long-distance relationships and relating in the Internet age updated sidebars, reader quizzes, suggestions, and stories to keep the book fresh and all the usual new edition changes-new cartoons, updated cover copy, photos, etc.


1.What Makes a Relationship Healthy?

A New Buzzword for the New Millennium. When It's Not Healthy. When It's Healthy. The Importance of Agreements. Being a Team Player. The 'Is It Healthy?' Quiz. The Ten Commandments of a Healthy Relationship. A Concept Whose Time Has Come Regarding a Healthy Relationship in the New Millennium.

2.The Seventh Dimension of a Healthy Relationship: Spiritual Love.

What Is 'Spirit' to You? The Time Is Right. The Alternative Has Become Mainstream. You Gotta Have Heart. A Test of Spirit. The Secret of Breathing Your Way to a Healthy Relationship. Connecting to Your Own Soul First. The Third Eye. Getting the Energetics to Flow between You. The Ritual of Love. Letting Go in Love: A Spiritual View of Loss. Putting It All Together.

3.The Eighth Dimension of a Healthy Relationship: Digital Duos in Cyberlove.

Keeping in Technological Touch. When Only One of You Is a Techie. Cybersex. Cybercheating.

4.Is It True Love?

What Is This Thing Called Love? Is This the Real Thing? The Five Requirements. A Good First and Lasting Impression. It's Time for a Love Inventory. Too Good to Be True? Intimacy Junkies, Love Junkies, Sex Junkies. Learning How to Love.

5.So, You're a Couple but Are You Friends?

Can Lovers Really Be Friends? Can Friends Really Become Lovers? How Good a Friend Is Your Lover? The Ten True Tests of Friendship. How Friendship Changes as Love Grows. When It's Either/Or.

6.The Importance of Matching Your Love Styles.

'How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways'. Resolving Love Style Conflicts. Are You a Giver or a Taker?


7.A Healthy Self First.

Building Up Your Confidence. Are You Fit for Love? Time for an Attitude Adjustment. Your Love Script. Are You Scared? Face Your Fears.

8.Are We Compatible?

What Is Compatibility? The Twelve Major Areas of Compatibility. How Compatible Are You? What Are the Big Compatibility Roadblocks? Sex Drive. Cultural Clash. Religious Rights. Family Matters. Age Gaps. Expressions of Affection. Five Ways to Handle Compatibility Roadblocks. Other Trouble Spots. Bad Habits.

9.Cooperation Whose Team Are You On?

What Is Cooperation? The Seven Main Areas of Cooperation. How Well Do You and Your Mate Cooperate with Each Other? Cooperation Problems and Solutions. A Major Cooperation Impediment: Gender-Based Stereotypes. Call a Chore War Truce. Save Competition for the Ring.

10.Communication Can We Talk?

The Importance of Communication. Communication Techniques. Eight Communication Don'ts. When a Mate Won't Talk. Talking About Sex.

11.Commitment Warming Up Cold Feet.

The Nature of Commitment. Are You and Your Partner Ready to Commit? Terms of Commitment. Talking About Commitment. When Commitment Becomes a One-Way Street. Timing Is Key. Making the Dreaded Ultimatum. Four Major Commitment Mistakes. Long-Distance Love: When Separations Threaten Commitment.


12.Making the Honeymoon Last.

Keep Dating! Rule Three: Make Time. What to Do Together. Staying In. Having Fun Right in Your Own Backyard. On the Go. Going Back to School. Business and Pleasure. Improving Yourselves and Each Other.

13.Resurrecting Romance.

The Importance of Keeping Romance Alive. The Real Meaning of Romance. The Four 'F' Words