Complete idiot's guide to building your own home


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The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Building Your Own Home is a clear, concise, up-to-date guide on every aspect of the home building process. It answers every question readers have about building a custom residence-and a few questions they may not have considered. With clear instructions and illustrations, this book takes readers through every step of the home-building process from figuring a budget to finding labor and materials to all aspects of home construction. Whether they plan to build it all themselves, build some and hire some done, or hire it all done to their specifications, The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Building Your Own Home will do the job.


1.Nailing the Real World of Housing.

The Truth Will Set You Free! Why Build Your Own Home? You Can Build Your Own Home. What Do You Want? Do You Have the Money? Surviving the Process.

2.Sticks and Stones: How Homes Are Built.

Rolling Out the Plans. Who's the Boss? General Contractor. The Unseen Lender. Ready: Site Prep and Foundation. Set: Subfloor and Framing. Go!: Exterior and Barriers. Utilities. Interior Finish. Final Inspections. Final Touches: The Yard.

3.Exploring Your Housing Options.

Stick-Built: Conventional Housing Construction. Lots of Options: Nonconventional Housing. Off-Site Built Homes. Selecting the Best Housing Option.

4.Who Wants to Be a Thousandaire?: Home Savings.

What's in Your Wallet?: Estimating Costs. Money-Saving Strategies. Saving on Contractors. Saving on Suppliers. Computers and Software Programs. Are You Insured?


5.How Many Bedrooms?: Designing Your Own Home.

Getting Ideas. Assessing Needs and Wants. Life Is Compromise. Think Resale Value. Architects Do It by Design. House #12940267: Using Stock Plan Services. Do-It-Yourself Plans. The Best-Laid Plans.

6.Making Your Home Energy Efficient.

Back to the Drawing Board: Designing for Efficiency. Understanding Heating and Cooling Systems. Saving Energy with Smart Materials. Using the Latest Ideas.

7.Where to Live: Choosing a Location.

Where?: Thinking About It. Considering Your Location Options. What Are You Moving In To? I'm Your New Neighbor! I'm Okay, You're Okay: Making Compromises.

8.Selecting a Building Site.

Where, Oh Where? Is the Lot Buildable? And Other Burning Questions. What's It Cost to Build Here? Fair Market Price. Plunking Down the Money. What Happens Now?

9.Wallet Blues: Estimating Construction Costs.

How Much Is That Shanty with a Window? Making a List, Checking It Twice. You Can Quote Me! What Am I to Bid? Scheduling for Success. The Right Tools.

10.Financing Your New Home.

Anything to Declare? Assets and Liabilities. Understanding Lenders. How Loans Are Processed. Negotiating the Best Loan. That's a Wrap!


11.Codes, Permits, and Legal Stuff.

Deciphering Codes. Getting Your Building Permits. The Legal Side of Building.

12.Hiring a Contractor.

What Does It Take to Be a GC? Picking Your Partner. Calling for Bids. Getting Your GC to Work Hard for You. Your Relationship with the GC. Builder Beware.

13.Being Your Own Contractor.

Can You Really Be Your Own GC? Do You Really Want to Do This? Working with Inspectors. Getting Adequate Insurance Coverage.

14.Hiring Subcontractors and Laborers.

Hiring the Best and the Brightest. Making Sure Your Contractor Is Licensed. Finding Qualified Contractors. Motivating Your Contractors to Do Their Best. Managing Contractors Day to Day. Hiring Good Laborers.

15.Two-Off-Ten: Hiring Suppliers.

What Suppliers Do You Need? Drafting a Good Architect. Calculating a Qualified Engineer. Hiring a Materials Supplier. Keeping Your Suppliers Working Hard.


16.What Goes Where?: Planning Construction.

Plan Hard, Work Easy. Murphy, the Contractor. Murphy, the Sub. Murphy, the Inspector. Murphy, the Supplier. Murphy, the Lender. Job Site Rules.

17.On Your Mark: Site Preparati