Complete idiot's guide to cashing in on your inventions


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The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Cashing In On Your Invention covers every aspect of the inventing process-from concept to market. Readers will learn how to develop their idea into something marketable, protect their invention by applying for patents, trademarks and copyright, identify and avoid getting scammed, target companies interested in buying or licensing their invention, negotiate contracts with buyers, and benefit from independent and federally funded technology and programs.


1.How to Realize Your Full Potential.

Overcoming Naysayers. The First Pitch. America, the Land of Opportunity. Answering the Call. Investing in Your Invention. Education Isn't Everything. Levy's 10 Commandments for Success.

2.Beware of Invention Marketing Flimflam Artists.

Attack of the Killer Patent Attorney. Flimsy Firms. Operation Mousetrap. The Price Is Not Always Right. Inventors Awareness Group. A Step in the Right Direction. What Comes After the Pitch. Heads Up. Before You Contract for Services. Who Are These Parasites? How to Tell the Pros from the Cons. New Twist to an Old Scheme. How Do They Get Your Name? Profile of an Honest Broker. What to Do if You Are a Victim. States (Inventor) Rights. How to Find an Honest Broker.

3.Licensing vs. Venture Capital.

Business Options. The Licensing Option. The Advantages of Licensing. The Disadvantages of Licensing. Whooah, Not So Fast! Doing It Yourself: The Venturing Strategy. Prerequisites Common to Licensing and Venturing. Other Factors in Choosing a Commercialization Strategy. Think About Costs, at All Costs. If You Are Still Not Sure.


4.How to Find a Home for Your Brainchild.

Finding a Licensing Partner. Attend Trade Shows. Conferences and Meetings: Networking Meccas. Big Companies vs. Small Companies. So, What's the Answer? Public Companies vs. Private Companies. Where to Find Product and Corporate Profiles. Does the Shoe Fit?

5.Knock. Knock. Buy My Invention, Please!

First Impressions. N.I.H. Syndrome. Choosing Your Target and Making Your Mark. The Corporate Culture. Lookin' to Hook 'Em. Sign on the Dotted Line.

6.How to Turn a Proposal into a Marriage.

Honesty Is the Only Policy. You Should Hear a Pin Drop. The Three Ps. Multiple Submissions. Unfavorable Odds. Your Champion.

7.How to Negotiate Your Deal.

On Lawyering One Man's Opinion. Should You Use a Lawyer to Approach the Company? Do You Need a Lawyer for Contracts? Do You Need a Lawyer for Patents? Conducting Business. Winning at What Cost? Agreeing to Agree. Advances. Royalties. Guarantees. The Option Agreement. Levy's 10 Commandments of Contract Negotiation. Terms of Endearment. Patents. Trademarks. Who Pays?

8.Key Deal Points.

I Do Not Have All the Answers. Show Me Yours, I'll Show You Mine. Fairness and Flexibility Rule. Management by Objectives. The Spirit of Agreement. Setting the Scene and the Mind.


9.The United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The Big Three in IP. Keepin' a List and Checkin' It Twice. Definition of a Patent. The Patent Law. What Is Patentable? The Examiners (Say Ah!). Established by Law, Built by Innovation The USPTO. Only Inventors Need Apply. Copy Documents, Not Ideas, Please! Disclosure Documents. Submarine Patents (Periscope Up!). Office of Independent Inventor Programs. Coming Attractions.

10.It All Begins with a Patent Search.

Looking for a Green Light. How to Conduct a Patent Search. Patent and Trademark Depository Libraries. Electronic Databases. PTDL Publications. Patent Search Steps. Patent Classification System. How to Order Copies of Prior Art. What to Do with Your Search Results. Searching Trademarks. The Last Word.

11.How to Hire a Patent Attorney.

Do You Need a Patent Attorney? Is That Your Final Answer? Levy's Rules for Hiring a Patent Attorney. Another Money Saver.