Complete idiot's guide to change management


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A significant number of business reorganizations not only fail, but also end up costing the company money. Add the number of companies reorganizing today and the number of companies downsizing in today's economy and you end up with an even bigger number of managers facing corporate change. Facing change can be difficult, but in today's economy where successful companies turn on a dime, managers have to understand change and successfully lead their teams through it-even love it. In today's business world, an MBA is a luxury. For some managers, understanding the why's and the how's can be just as hard as the "how-tos". The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Change Management provides a complete how-to guide for managers and key employees to understanding, managing and leading through change.


1.No More Standing Still.

Change Means Doing Things Differently. The Quest for Stability, Balance, and Predictability. Industry Waits for No One. The Old Order Never Goes Quietly. Effective Change Managers Earn Big Bucks.

2.Change Scenarios.

Undertaking Successful Change Campaigns. The Customer As Initiator. Sizing Up the Corporate Culture. Facing Restructuring and Downsizing Campaigns. Incorporating New Processes. Instilling a Sense of Ownership. Making an Organization Conducive to Change.

3.Charting the Players.

Who Moved My Bifocals? Making Sense of Your Environment. Finding Sponsors for Your Change Campaign. Slipping into the Role of a Change Agent. Interacting with Players in a Change Campaign. Looking at the Bystanders.

4.Dealing with Resistance.

Fear of the Unknown. A Tale of Resistance. Anticipating Resistance to Change. Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. Inducing Commitment.

5.Stay Sane, Manage the Pain.

Moving from Point A to Point B. Moving On in Discomfort. Crossing the Pain Threshold. Avoiding the Pain of Failing Spectacularly. Dispensing Pain in Measured Intervals. The Need for Pain Management.


6.The Rational-Empirical Approach.

Becoming a Master of Persuasion. Leading a Two-Headed Mission. Using a Mixed Bag of Communication Tools. Leaving the Door Wide Open. Practicing the Art of Good Listening. Establishing Incentives That Prompt Action.

7.The Normative-Reeducative Approach.

The Granddaddy of Problem-Solving. Reeducation Works Wonders. The Key Principles of Reeducation. People Are Social Beings. Unfreeze Your Target of Change and Win. The New Behavior Must Fit.

8.The Power-Coercive Approach.

The Premise: People Are Compliant. Power As a Fitting Alternative. Freedom As an Abstract. The Appropriate Exercise of Authority. Resorting to Sanctions.

9.The Environmental-Adaptive Approach.

Letting Them Do What They Want, on Your Terms. Hey, I Had No Choice. Small Changes, Dramatic Differences. Attachment Reins Supreme. Form Follows Function. Gradual Transference.


10.Preparing Your Team for Change.

What Is a Team? Striving for the Highest Good. Establishing a Campaign Orientation. Charting Your Progress. Directing a Winning Team. Going for the Early Wins.

11.Leading Your Team Through Change.

Avoiding Rigid and Brutish Approaches to Change. Leading Troops in Transition. Creating a More Flexible Staff. Developing Adept Change Artists. Helping Your Team Succeed.

12.Marshaling Group Resources.

Prime the Idea Pump. Don't Run from Conflict. Strive for Synergy. Recognize the Value of Getting Coached. Changing Times, Adaptable Teams. Emphasize Continuity Amid Change. Tap Into Resources Outside Your Team.

13.Managing Up, Managing Down.

Buying Into Your Assignment. Gaining a Broader Perspective. Transforming Yourself on the Fly. Selling the News to the Troops. Becoming an Effective Conduit. Inducing a Miracle Redirection.

14.Managing Inside and Outside Your Head.

Change The Only Business Constant. Directing Yourself Through Affirmations. Committing and Letting Go. Achieving Closure A Many-Splendored Thing. Turning on a Dime and Feeling Fine. Cranking Up the Engine.