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The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Communism will cover: the role of communism and the Communist Party during and after the Russian Revolution-in the Spanish Civil War and the growth of Nazism Russia in World War II, and the growth of the Cold War in Eastern Europe and Asia the U.S. Communist Party, the rise and fall of McCarthyism, Castro and Tito, Solidarity, and the split between China and the USSR the Red retreat-and the remnants of world communism.


1.Communes and Communities.

Roots of Communes. Religious Utopias. Founding of Nonreligious Communes. Legacies.

2.Marx and Engels.

The Life and Times of Karl Marx. Marx's Theory of History. Marx's Economic Analysis. The Inescapable Proletarian Revolution.

3.Arise, Ye Workers of the World!

The First International. The Paris Commune. The Collapse of the First International. The Second International. Varieties of Working Class Movements.

4.The IWW and Anarcho-Syndicalism.

Formation of the IWW. First Leaders. Early Factionalism. IWW Tactics. Lawrence, Massachusetts. Paterson, New Jersey. Free Speech. IWW During WWI.IWW in Decline. Legacy of the Wobblies.

5.Socialist Parties.

Early Socialists in the United States. Meanwhile, in Europe. Socialists and World War I.American SP Reactions to Bolshevism. Socialism Diminished, Continues. Socialism in a Democracy.


6.The Russian Revolution.

The Tsarist Regime. The First Revolution in Russia, March 1917.The Bolshevik Seizure of Power, 1917. The Russian Civil War, 1918-1920.

7.Lenin and the Communist Regime.

Instruments of Communist Rule. A Giant Leap Backward: Lenin's New Economic Policy. Soviet Foreign Policy and the Third International. The Death of Lenin and the Struggle for Succession.

8.Stalin and the Purges.

Stalin's Life and Ideology. Socialism in One Country. The Great Leap Forward. The Purges.


9.The Communist Party in the U.S. and Britain in the 1920s.

Birth Pangs of the CPUSA. Recognizing the USSR.

10.Come to the Party: CPUSA.

Obstacles to CP Growth. Political Responses to Crisis. Communist Strategy in the Early 1930s. Splinters and Splits. American Ferment. The CP Organizations. From Isolation to Popular Front.

11.Spanish Civil War: Loyal Communists and Rebel Conservatives.

Background to the War. The Army vs. the Government. Foreign Interventions. Fascists Help Franco. Britain, Canada, and the United States React. Civil War with a Civil War.

12.The Soviet Union in World War II.

Soviet Foreign Policy in the 1930s. The Nazi-Soviet Pact. The German Attack on the Soviet Union. The Keys to the Soviet Victory. Soviet Foreign Policy and the Postwar Division of Europe.


13.Satellites In (and Out of) Orbit.

Party Politics or Russian Policy? Bulgaria-A Stalinist Regime. Romania. Albania.

14.Mao Zedong and the Communist Revolution in China.

The Old Regime in China. The Kuomintang and the Chinese Communist Party. The Chinese Communist Party Discovers the Peasantry. The Struggle Against the Japanese. The Communist Victory. Domestic Reforms and Foreign Crises.

15.The Communist Party and the Cold War.

Cold War, Sometimes Hot. Comintern to Cominform. German Issues. NATO and WTO. Weapons of War. Nuclear Arms Race. Nikita Khrushchev.

16.Communists in the U.S. Red Scare.

Internal Splits in the CPUSA. U.S. Government Crackdown on the Party. Political Opponents of Communism. Espionage Cases. Joseph McCarthy Gets an Idea.

17.Trouble in Paradise.

Veteran Leaders. East Germany. Hungary. Poland. The Czech Case. Hungary Resists. Prague Spring. Poland Boils Over. Rebels and Resisters.

18.Yugoslavia: A Separate Road.