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Learning to market your expertise and still trying to pay your bills can be difficult! The Complete Idiot's Guide to Consulting provides a detailed and complete set of answers to questions from new consultants or those exploring the idea of consulting. From the first client to hiring more help, expert author Robert Bacal provides everything a consultant needs to know about sharing their expertise with a client and getting paid what they're worth. Coverage includes researching your reasons and assessing your skill sets the real reason consulting works-the client and filling their needs ethics, decision making, and contracts ending projects and fixing them when they go wrong starting up your own business staying legal, solvent, and sane, plus professionalism, marketing and more growing your business-getting more clients, fee structures, bad debt, etc., and managing the client relationship for short term-and long term-benefit.


1.The What, Who, and Why of a Mysterious Profession.

What Is Consulting-What's in a Name? What Do Consultants Really Do? Money Tree? Why Do People Hire Consultants? How Do Consultants Spend Their Time?

2.More About the Market, More About the Business.

Four Major Consulting Markets. Government Contracts. Large Businesses (Corporation) Contracts. Small Business Contracts. Personal Service (Individual) Contracts. Possible Areas of Specialization.

3.Prerequisites for Success.

Specialty-Related Skills and Knowledge. Process Skills-Tools of the Trade. Experience and Contacts. Personal Qualities. Business Acumen.

4.Of Successes and Failures.

What Does It Mean to Succeed? To Fail? Oops! What Went Wrong? John's Story. Yes! The Stars Are Aligned.

5.Bacal's Laws of Consulting.

Bacal's Laws on the Consulting Process. Bacal's Client Laws. Bacal's Laws About Consultants. Stress-Busting-A Cool Learning Technique.


6.Ethics: Doing the Right Things, Getting the Right Things Done.

The Importance of Ethics and Principles. Fixed-in-Stone Consultant Ethics. Client Ethics. Client Violation Prevention.

7.Beginning the Consulting Intervention.

Consulting Projects Are Iterative. The Initial Contact/Approach-A Two-Way Process. The First Substantial Meeting-What's It For? The First Meeting-What's It Look Like? Stakeholders and Who Should Attend the First Meeting. Being Prepared.

8.Decision Making and Contracting-Let's Get It On (or Get On With It).

Do You Accept This Client to Be(and Vice Versa). Dealing with the Psychological or Implicit Contract. The Final Agreement-What Should It Contain? Contract Options.

9.The Middle of the Consulting Intervention-Data and Interpretation.

Principles of Data Gathering. Data Gathering Techniques and Sources. Survey-Based Gathering Tools. Organizing Your Data. The Final Interpretation.

10.The End Game-Recommending, Reporting, Implementing.

Putting Together Your Recommendations. The Final Reporting Process. Implementation-Where the Rubber Meets the Road. Evaluation-Did It Work? Managing Your Exit.


11.Don't Miss the Multiple-Income Stream Strategy and Other Survival Principles.

Multiple Income Streams. Skills Cascading-The Key to M.I.S.S. Now You Try Using the M.I.S.S. Other Business Principles for Survival.

12.Getting into the Profession-Making the Transition.

Consulting Job-Working with Partners. Working for Others-Consulting Job. Starting Point? Regular Nonconsulting Job. Straight from School. So You're Unemployed. What Else Do You Need to Know About Transitions? Transition Principles.

13.The Importance of Professionalism in Everything You Do.

Personal Demeanor and Conduct. Image in Print. Image on the Internet. Professionalism on the Phone. Customer Service Is Professionalism.

14.Start-Up-Defining a Niche, Defining Services.

Defining Your Niche. Defining Your Competitive Edge. Finally, What Services to Offer. Step-by-Step Service Definition.

15.Staying Legal, Solvent, and Sane.

Staying on the Right Side of the Law. Location and the Home Office. More About the Right Side of the Law-Taxes. Insurance-Often Neglected. Contract Issues. Your Supporting Cast.