Complete idiot's guide to dealing with stress for teens


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The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Dealing with Stress for Teens covers it all: Welcome to the teen age-how did life get so-well, stressful, anyway? Turns out, things really are different now than they were when your parents were teens (you knew it all the time) fight or flight, and the positives (yes, positives) and negatives of stress school dazed and confused-dating, peer pressure, grades, grown-ups' expectations-who wouldn't be stressed out? stress and its buddies-anxiety and depression stress and hormone changes tension tamers that really work and talking it out, working it out-and when to ask for help.


1.The World Can Be Heavy, Give Your Shoulders a Rest.

This Thing Called Stress. Where the Beast Is Born. Touchy Feely. Everyone Feels the Crunch.

2.Growing Up Is Hard to Do.

Welcome to the Teen Age. Twenty-First Century Syndrome. Life in the Fast Lane. Growing Up Gracefully.

3.The Inside Jive.

Your Own Worst Enemy. Insecurity City. Competition Junction. Perfect, Shmerfect.

4.Physically Fit to Be Tied.

The Mind/Body Affair. Countin' Sheep. To Eat or Not to Eat. Anxiety Disorders. Depression.


5.School Dazed and Confused.

Class Struggles. Living the Sporting Life. Popular Science. Friendly Fire. The Dynamics of Dating. Danger Zone.

6.Harried at Home.

Sibling Static. Financial Foibles. The Parent Trap. When Bad Things Happen to Good People.


7.Finding A Fine Timeline.

Juggling an Active Lifestyle. When Having It All Is Way Too Much. Trimming the Fat. Planning Pitfalls.

8.Taking It Down a Notch.

Anger, Angst, and Aggravation. Spanning the Spectrum. Lashing Out. Don't Get Mad, Get Glad.

9.Be a Control Freak.

Doormat Don'ts. Control Yo'self. Personal Perspective. Getting Comfy in the Driver's Seat.

10.Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

What's Your Problem? Love It When a Plan Comes Together. Moral Mysteries. The Best You Can Do Is Your Best.

11.Zen and the Art of Attitude Adjustment.

Talk Is Cheap but Priceless. Lighten Up! Soul Food. Just Relax. Unnecessary Evils.

12.Success Through Stress.

Turning Stress Around. A Friend in Deed. Shoot for the Moon. Staying Strong.