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The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Direct Marketing provides succinct, authoritative coverage on all aspects of direct marketing, including: the fundamentals-planning, copy, design, lists, offers, and production the guidelines-using specific formats and media specific tips-on the most common applications of direct marketing, including subscriptions, lead generating, and mail order and how to measure results-how to conduct statistically valid tests, interpret results, roll out successful programs, and improve response.


1.Direct Marketing 101.

Understanding the Direct Marketing Jargon. The Evolution of Direct Marketing. How Direct Marketing Differs from Other Advertising. The Direct Marketing Mindset. The Direct Marketing Customer. Arrows in the Direct Marketer's Quiver.

2.Planning Your Direct Marketing Campaign.

What Are You Selling? What Products Sell Best via Direct Marketing? Planning Your Front and Back Ends. Determining Your Marketing Objectives. Taking Aim at Your Target Market. Choosing Campaign Specifics. Determining Your Key Sales Appeal or Theme, Identifying Supporting Facts and Sales Arguments, Planning Your Offer, Don't Forget Project Planning and Management.

3.Make Your Buyers an Offer They Can't Refuse.

What Is an Offer And Why It's Important. One Step or Two Step? The Four Types of Offers. Selecting Response Options. Choosing Payment Options. How to Make Your Offer Stronger. Getting the Buyer to Act Now, Buy More, and Pay Up Front. Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back. Must Direct Marketers Charge Sales Tax? Taking Credit Card Orders.

4.Mailing Lists.

A List of Available Lists. Where Can You Rent Good Mailing Lists? Evaluating Mailing Lists and List Recommendations. Questions to Ask About Your Lists. Placing Your List Order. Getting Rid of Duplicate Names. Earn Extra Income by Marketing Your Mailing List to Others.

5.Writing Copy That Sells.

Long Copy Versus Short Copy: Which Works Best? Determining Copy Content, Tone, and Style. Creating a Winning Copy Platform. The Motivating Sequence. Writing a Powerful Headline. Features and Benefits. More Tips for Writing Better Body Copy.

6.Producing and Printing Your Direct Marketing Campaign.

Calculating the Cost per Thousand. Graphic Design Guidelines. Photography and Illustration Considerations. Printing Preparation. Letter Shop. Postal Regulations.


7.The Direct Mail Package.

The Outer Envelope. The Big Tease. Blind Mailings. The Sales Letter. Body Copy. The Brochure. The Lift Note. The Buck Slip or Premium Sheet. Order Forms That Close the Deal. Business Reply Envelopes (BREs).

8.Direct Mail: Longer Format.

Why and When to Use Long-Copy Formats. Long-Copy Direct Mail Formats. Organizing Your Long-Form Mailing. Designing Long-Form Mailings. Copywriting Techniques That Work in Long Formats.

9.Direct Mail: Short Formats.

Working with Self-Mailers. Choosing Your Format. Cost Considerations. Putting Self-Mailers to Work. The Secret of Self-Mailing Success. Writing an Attention-Grabbing Outer-Panel Headline. Boosting Response Rates to Your Self-Mailers.


Writing Powerful Catalog Copy. Merchandising Your Catalog. Catalog Marketing. Techniques That Work. Catalog Selling Starts on the Cover. Ideas to Boost Your Catalog Sales. Checklist for Effective Catalog Copy. Determining Your Proper Copy 'Tone'. Calculating Your Catalog Real Estate.

11.Profits from Postcard Decks.

What Is a Postcard Deck? Advertising in Postcard Decks. Don't Most People Just Throw Postcard Decks Away? Writing Your Postcard's Headline. Writing the Body Copy. Illustrating Your Postcard.

12.Alternative Media.

Why Alternative Media? Alternative Media Options. Getting Started in Package Inserts. Producing and Shipping Package Inserts. Big Advertising with Billboards. Transit Advertising: Ads on the Move. Integrating Alter