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The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Family Games is a compilation of the games people play - a lighter-hearted, easier to read introduction to game playing than the perennial Hoyle's. It provides rules, strategies, tricks, and mistakes to avoid for dozens of games, from poker to chess, checkers, Old Maid, darts, Ultimate Frisbee, Go-fish, bridge, dominoes-even Yahtzee! The book includes games that are sure to be popular with family members of varying ages, as well as games strictly for the kids or more popular among adults.


1.A Family That Plays Together.

Why Play Games? A History of Games and Gaming. How Do We Start? Finding Time for Family Fun. What Should We Play? A Word on Ages.

2.The Importance of Rules.

Setting the Rules. Keeping the Peace. Dare to Play Fair. Settling Disputes.

3.From Start to Finish.

A Basis for Bonding. Choosing Sides: Team Games. What Shall We Play? Assigning Clean-Up. Shhhh! Quiet Time.

4.The Name of the Game.

Come into My Parlor. Parlor Games. Let's Make a Deal: Card Games. Everybody Outside! Games Are Everywhere!


5.Hands on the Table: Table Games.

Checkmate! Basic Moves and Rules. Let's Get Going. Chess Notation. Checkers. Making the Moves. Don't Touch! The Win.

6.More Table Games.

Backgammon. Language of the Game. Pick-Up Sticks. Tic-Tac-Toe. Tiddlywinks!

7.See Spot Run.

Dice Games. Let's Play Yahtzee! Let 'Em Roll: Poker Dice and More. Other Dice Games. Dominoes. The Draw Game. The Block Game. The Domino Effect.


Learning the Lingo. The Playing Area. Understanding the Board. Let's Play Darts: The General Rules. x01.Cricket.

9.Rack 'Em Up.

Cuing Up the Past. But What About Today? Your Own Pool Hall. Pocket Billiards Games. Pool Game: Eight Ball. Pool Game: Nine Ball. Snooker.

10.Direct Hit!

Air Hockey, Anyone? Are You Ready for Some Foosball? Ping-Pong Party.


11.The Trumps Have It.

Achy-Breaky Hearts. Spades. Knockout Whist. Crazy Eights.

12.Classic Cards.

Cribbage. Rook. Skip-Bo. Tripoley.

13.Fun for One: Games of Solitaire.

Solitaire's Not Always Just for One. So What's Solitaire All About? Clocks. Golf. Forty Thieves. Pyramid. Calculation. Russian. Double Solitaire.

14.Cards for the Kids.

War. Old Maid. Concentration. Spit. Go Fish.

15.Casino Games.

Blackjack! Baccarat.

16.Rummy Noses.

Rummy Go! Basic Rummy. Gin Rummy. Knock-Knock: Knock Rummy. Rummy 500.Contract Rummy.

17.Building Bridges.

Bridge America. Let's Play Bridge. Tricks and Bids. The Play. Scoring.

18.Poker Face.

What Is Poker? Straight Poker. Draw Poker. Stud Poker: Five-Card Stud and Seven-Card Stud.

19.A Royal Marriage: Pinochle for Everyone.

Back to Basics. Two-Handed Pinochle. Three-Handed Pinochle. Double-Deck Pinochle. @PARTHEAD V.EVERYWHERE GAMES.

20.Road Trip: Car Games. Things You May Need in the Car. Let's Go! The I Spy Games. License Plate Bingo. What If. Camping Trip. Who Am I? What's Next?
21.They Say It's Your Birthday!

Party Games. Everybody Outside! Indoor/Outdoor Games. Party Games for Little Kids.

22.Giggle Games.

Names of. Follow the Leader. Honey, Do You Love Me? Sausage. Never Ending Words. Story Line.

23.Say the Word: Word Games.

Anagrams. Word Bluff. Hangman. Match Game. Sentence by Sentence. Quick on the Draw.

24.Let's Go Team! Charades. Up Jenkins. Hide and Seek. Sardines.


25.Take Me Out to the Ballgame.

Kickball. Volleyball. Touch Football. Croquet.

26.Fun in the Sun.

Fly Away Birdie: Badminton. A Hop, Skip, and Jump: Hopscotch. Have You Lost Your Marbles? Jump Rope.

27.Going on a Picnic: Picni