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Pro football has been and still is the most-watched sport on American television. The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Football, Second Edition, provides new and intermediate-level fans with all the information they need to understand and enjoy football. From high school to the NFL, coverage includes the basics of offense and defense, players, rules, strategies and even what to wear. New coverage for this edition includes: the draft-how it works for teams and players, new technology on the field-including instant replay, rule changes for college and pro ball, the changing business environment, and more!


1.So You Want to Be a Monday Morning Quarterback.

The Lure of the Game. The Passion. Why Is It So Violent? The Connection Between Football and Community.

2.Looking at the Field and the Ball.

Why Is the Ball Shaped Like That? The Object of the Game. The Dimensions and How They Figure into the Game. What Is a Goal Post? Hashmarks. The Chains, the Sticks. The Imaginary Line That You Can See. Artificial Turf or Natural Grass? Indoors or Outdoors? The Red Zone.

3.You Get Six Points to Do What?

Touchdowns. Extra Points. Two-Point Conversions. Field Goals. Safeties. Quarters and Halves. Game Time Doesn't Include Commercials. The Two-Minute Warning. Overtime. The Play Clock. Time-Outs. Play the Game. The Anatomy of a Play.

4.Every Player Has a Different Job.

The Uniform. Always Eleven on a Side. The Offense. The Defense. Skill Players. The Trenches. Special Teams. Kickers Are Different. Rookies and Veterans.

5.Coaching: Win, Get Fired, or Go on TV.

X's (or V's) and O's. Film Study. Motivation. Coordinators and What They Coordinate. The Progression from Position Coach to TV Personality. The Various Philosophies of a Blue-Collar Game. The Personality of the Coach and the Team.

6.Understanding the Lore.

The Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field. How It Began. How It Evolved. The 1960s You Say You Want a Revolution The 1970s When Perfect Was the Standard. The 1980s When Guys Named Joe Went to the Show. The 1990s When the Teams Moved. And into the New Millennium.


7.The Quarterback Is the Movie Star.

Two Choices: The Hero or the Goat. It All Starts Here. Working the Pocket. Spirals. Touch Passes and Bullet Passes. Reading Defenses. Calling Audibles. Looking off Defenders. Pump Fake. Throwing It Away. The Bomb. The Hail Mary. Running with the Ball. The Passer Rating System. The Evolving Nature of Quarterbacks. Joe's Top Five Quarterbacks. Statistics to Look for in a Great Quarterback.

8.The Offensive Line: They Called Mine 'The Hogs'.

Hogs and Such. Who Are Those Five Big Guys? One Line, Two Jobs. They Get Noticed When Something Goes Wrong. Holding Is Only Holding If You Keep Holding. Blocking Schemes. The Push Off of the Line. Joe's Top Five Offensive Linemen.

9.The Receivers: Glue on Their Fingers and Rockets in Their Shoes.

Who Are They? Speed Guys. Tight Ends Like Hogs with Hands. The Patterns. The First Five Yards Off the Line. Going over the Middle: Leave Your Sanity on the Bench. Yards After Catch Also Called YAC. End-Around It's a Trick Play. Joe's Top Five Receivers, Starting with Jerry Rice.

10.The Running Backs: Great Ones Control Games.

The Importance of the Running Game. Fullbacks: Leading the Way. Halfbacks: Ball Carriers. The R Back. Halfbacks and Fullbacks, a Great Tag-Team. Vision and Quickness. North-South Runners and East-West Runners. Catching Passes: A Safety Valve and More. Formations for Running Backs. Between the Tackles: The Meat and Potatoes of the Running Game. The Sweep. The Draw Play. Joe's Top Five Running Backs, Starting with Jim Brown.

11.Strategies: A Lot of Ways to Go Eighty Yards or One.

Run, Throw, or Mix It Up. Don't Make Mistakes. Formations: Playing Chess with Giants. The Shotgun. Smashmouth Football. Air-It-Out Football. Big-Play Football. The West-Coast Offense. The Run-and-Shoot. The DNA of Offense. The Two-Minute Drill. The Size of the Field.