Complete idiot's guide to friendship for teens


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The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Friendship for Teens covers a wide range of topics, including: Choosing friends-different friends for the different sides of you It's really true-to have friends, be a friend Friendship skills to help you keep the friends you have and make new ones When a group of friends becomes a clique Can guys and girls be friends Friendship's complications-romance, peer pressure, helping a friend in trouble growing up, growing apart.


1.Friendship: The Incredible Bond.

Acquaintance, Pal, 'Sibling,' Confidante, Life-Sharer. The Importance of Friends. Friendship, Great and Grueling. So Many Friends, So Little Time. Who Will You Choose?

2.How to Make a Friend.

The Shy Factor. Five Steps to Making Friends. Broaden Your Horizons. Be Real Be Friendly. Recognize and Pursue Your Opportunities. Open Up. Try, Try Again.

3.Finding the Friend Within Yourself.

Being Your Own Best Friend. Take Care of Your Body. Take Care of Your Emotions. Making a Change for the Better. Replacing Negative Messages with Positive Affirmations.

4.Friendship's Skills.

My Ten Commandments for Successful Friendships.


5.The Best Friend.

Best Friend Not Required. Bingo! You're My Best Buddy! When Is Tight Too Tight? When Others Step In. The End of the Line.

6.Life in the Group of Friends.

It's Different in a Group! Clique City! The Truth About Popularity. A Label Is a Limit.

7.Long-Distance and Virtual Friendships.

Friends You Don't (or Rarely) See. The Old-Fashioned Pen Pal. The Telephone Lifeline. E-Mail Tips. Chatrooms and Instant Messaging. Virtual Friendship vs. Real Friends.

8.Guys and Girls as Friends.

Guys and Girls as Friends. The Different Ways Girls and Guys Communicate. You Don't Have to Get Romantic. When You Just Can't Be Friends. Getting Along with Your Friend's 'Significant Other'.


9.Friendship and Romance.

When Friendship Becomes Romance. A New Relationship. The Big Breakup. Your Friend's in Love. When Your Friend Is in a Bad Relationship. Hands Off: Friends Shouldn't Share Everything.

10.Crimes Against Friendship.

The Uneven Friendship. Emotions That Can Hurt a Friendship. Meet the Perps. Peer Pressure.

11.Friendly and Unfriendly Fighting.

Why Do Friends Fight? When You're Furious. What Makes a Good Argument? Listen Up. Talk Effectively. Having a Fair Fight.

12.A Friend in Need.

When Your Friend Comes to You for Help. A Cry for Help. Your Friend's Trouble Is Your Trouble, Too.

13.Friendship's End.

Growing Up, Growing Apart. Sudden, Explosive, and Definite Endings. Moving On. The Importance of Grief. Letting Go.