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The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Hinduism will cover: the long and interesting history of how the religion developed from its very fragmented origins, the basic Hindu beliefs including karma, reincarnation, non-violence, etc., the multiple Hindu deities, the sociological aspects of the religion including ethics, sacraments, dietary habits, and the caste system, the Hindu paths to enlightenment, including karma yoga, bhakti yoga, jnana yoga, tantra and laya yoga, and finally, where Hinduism stands today on the world stage, in relation to Islam, and in relation to its own complex, extraordinary history.


1.Time for God.

The Hindu Universe. Who's a Hindu? A Recyclable Universe. Inner Vision.

2.Hindus in History.

The History That Vanished. Back to the Beginning. Our Hindu Connections. The Hindu Homeland.

3.The World Discovers Hinduism.

Heading East. Conquering Alexander the Great. A Visit from Apollonius. A Hindu Goddess in Rome. Chinese Pilgrims Check It Out. Al Biruni Takes Notes. Transcendentalists Groove on the Gita.

4.Matrix of the Hindu Tradition.

Veda: The Hindu Bible. Who Were the Vedic Sages? Who Are the Vedic Gods? Sampling the Veda. Upanishads: Liberating Literature.

5.The People's Religion.

User-Friendly Scriptures. Epics: The Hindu Homer. Ramayana: The Great Rescue. Mahabharata: The Great War. Puranas: Encyclopedias of Spirit.


6.One God with Many Names.

My God's Not Better Than Yours. The Tolerant Religion. The Vedic Vision. Ramakrishna Samples Religions. What Missionaries Are Missing. Did Jesus Visit India?

7.Born Again!

Caught in the Spin Cycle. What's My Karma? Fate Is Free Will. Life Between Lives.

8.Turning On Your Inner Light.

Secrets of the Subtle Body. 'Who Am I?' Spiritual Mentoring. Getting On the Innernet. Getting Off the Wheel.

9.Truth Is a Multi-Layer Cake.

Six Views of One Reality. Nyaya: The Logical Approach. Vaisheshika: The Atomic Theory. Mimamsa: The Way to Heaven. Sankhya: Spirit and Matter. Yoga: Techniques for Higher Awareness. Vedanta: It's All an Illusion! The Whole Elephant.

10.The Sacred Sciences.

The Word Is God. Ritual: Spiritual Technology. Astrology: The Mirror in Heaven. Adjunct Sciences.


11.'Can You Show Me God?'

A Divine Challenge. 'Idol Worship': Worshipping an Ideal. The Spirit in the Tree. Show Me the Devil. God and the Guru. The Guru Within.

12.Meet the Hindu Gods.

Brahma: The Neglected Creator. Vishnu: The Loving Protector. Shiva: Lord of the Yogis. Ganesha: The Elephant-Headed God. Hanuman: Monkeying Around. Murugan: The Spear of God. Surya: The Divine Sun.

13.Meet the Hindu Goddesses.

Shakti: Feminine Power. Lakshmi: Showers of Gold. Parvati: Divine Wife and Mother. Durga: Take No Prisoners! Kali: The Really Scary One. Lalita: The Supreme Seductress. Bharat Mata: Mother India.

14.Avatars: Gods in Human Form.

Hindu Saviors. Parashu Rama: An Axe to Grind. Rama: Avatar Unaware. Krishna: He's So Divine! Kalki: The Future Liberator.

15.The Main Denominations.

Vaishnavas: 'Hare Krishna!' Shaivites: 'Om Namah Shivaya!' Shaktas: 'Jai Ma!' Hindu Spin-Offs.

IV.How Hindus Live.

16.A Classy Religion.

What Turns You On? What's Life For? Metamorphoses. Women First.

17.The Ten Commitments.

Five Things to Definitely Avoid. Five Things to Definitely Do. Antidotes to Bad Behavior. Holy Cow! What Hindus Do (and Do Not) Eat. Laying Down the Law. Changing Tides. The Hindu Heart.

18.Sacraments and Holy Days.

Living Life Holy. Rite from the Start. A Wedding to Last Forever. Life After Death. Sacred Time. Celebrating Spirit.

19.Temples and Sacred Sites.

Take Off Your Shoes! Altar in the Living Room. Hindu Hot Spots. The Goddess Drops In.


20.The Path of Action.