Complete idiot's guide to holiday crafts


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Learn how to have stress-free holidays by crafting the things you love and remember from your own childhood, including: crafting for the holidays-fun for kids of all ages crafts for that most festive holiday season of all-Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. Also included are crafts especially for New Year's, Valentine's Day, Presidents' Day, St. Patrick's and Earth Day, Easter and Passover, Mother's and Father's days, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.


1.Setting Up for Success.

The Planning Process. Collecting and Organizing Project Ideas. A Multitude of Mediums. Individual Ingredients. Trash to Treasure. Shopping Suggestions. Why Bother? Necessity Is the Mother of Invention.

2.The ABCs of Crafting.

Creating Candles. Drawing Designs. Etching Glass. Marvelous Mosaics. Practicing Painting. Papier-Mâché. Printing. Sculpting. Stenciling. Transferring Tricks. Scent-Sational Soaps.

3.Stress-Free Holidays.

De-Stressing Holiday Shopping. How About Homemade? Decking the Halls. Kitchen Quickies. Crafty Cleanups. The Party's Over. Avoiding the Post-Holiday Blues. The Final Word.


4.Christmas Cheer.

Christmas Creations. Crafty Containers. Children's Christmas Crafts. Christmas Cooking Crafts.

5.Hanukkah Happiness.

Traditional Treasures. Hanukkah Crafts for Children. Perfect Presents. Hanukkah Haven.

6.Kwanzaa Creations.

Signs of the Season. Kinara Kuumba (Creativity). Magnificent Mkeka. Crafty Gifts for Karamu. Kwanzaa Krafts for Kids. Kitchen Kreations.

7.In with the New.

Toasts and Tokens. Kid Kapers. Luscious Libations.


8.Be My Valentine.

Counting the Ways of Love. Kitchen Fun.

9.Kiss Me, I'm Irish.

Festive Folklore. Childish Capers. Magical Menus.


10.Earth Day.

Trash to Treasure. Fooling Around with Mother Nature. Earthly Delights.

11.Passover Celebration.

Passover Dinner Primer. Symbols of Seder. Talented Tots. Meaningful Menus.

12.Easter Excitement.

Easter Enjoyment. Peter Cottontail's Picks. Easter Edibles.

13.Parent Perfect.

Marvelous Mothers. Father's Day Favorites. Family Fun. Crafty Kitchen Creations.


14.Patriotic Pride.

Memorable Memorial Day. Fabulous Fourth. Labor of Love. Food, Glorious Food!

15.Halloween How-To's.

Signs of the Season. Ghostly Garb. Kicks for Kids. Frighteningly Fun Food.

16.Talking Turkey.

Giving Thanks. Native American Crafts. Kiddy Krafts. Food, Glorious Food.


Appendix A. Resources and Supplies.

Appendix B. Glossary.