Complete idiot's guide to human resource management


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The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Human Resource Management provides readers with all the tools necessary to align employee practices and policies with the overall goals of the organization. Topics include: recruiting and retaining the best employees establishing an effective compensation structure administering employee benefits training and development employee relations performance planning and evaluation managing for diversity and complying with legal guidelines.


1.Human Resources-The Key Management Tool.

'Leave Your Brains at the Door.' Scientific Management. Enter the Behavioral Scientists. The HR Function. Personnel Policies and Procedures.

2.You Gotta Know the Laws.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964.Age Discrimination. Affirmative Action. The Americans with Disabilities Act.

3.Still More Laws.

Wage and Hour Laws. Equal Pay Act. The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.The National Labor Relations Act. The Family and Medical Leave Act. Laws on Safety and Health.


4.Twenty-Five Mistakes Companies Make in Hiring.

Getting Started All Wrong. Recruiting Resources. Screening Fiascos. Decision Making Goofs. Losing Good Applicants.

5.Starting the Search.

A Job Is Open. What Does This Job Entail? What You Seek in a Candidate. Internal Transfers and Promotions. Finding the Right Candidate from Within the Company. Using Current Employees as a Recruiting Source.

6.Where the Applicants Are.

Using Help Wanted Ads. Employment Agencies. Government Job Services. Executive Recruiters-Headhunters. Recruiting Networks. Job Fairs. The Internet as a Source for Personnel.

7.Screening Candidates.

Screening the Resumés. Determining Whom to Interview. The Application Form. Clauses to Protect You. Evaluating the Application. The Telephone Screening Interview.

8.Becoming a Better Interviewer.

Preparing for the Interview. The Structured Interview. Getting Started. Giving Information to the Applicant. Closing the Interview. Remembering the Applicant.

9.Making the Hiring Decision.

Employment Testing. 'Wow! What a Background!' But Is It True? Determining Whether the Applicant Can Do the Job. Choosing Among Several Top-Level Applicants. Making the Offer. Overcoming Obstacles.


10.Getting Started on the Right Foot.

What the New Employee Is Thinking. The Orientation Program. On-Boarding.

11.Training for Today's Job and Tomorrow's Advancement.

Who Needs to Be Trained-And to Do What? Keeping Up with the Latest Developments in Training. The Ready-Set-Go Approach to Training. Training Tools. Preparing for Advancement. Does Training Pay Off?

12.Getting Ideas Across.

Communications: A Two-Way Process. What You Say. How You Say It. State of Mind. Conducting Effective Meetings.

13.Put It in Writing.

Getting It Down. Write the Way You Speak. The E-Mail Explosion.


14.The Compensation Conundrum.

Determining the Pay Package. Raises, Cost of Living Increases, and Other Adjustments. Does Money Motivate? Incentive Pay. Some New Twists in Incentive Programs.

15.Benefits: They're Not Fringes Anymore.

Are Benefits Required by Law? Time Off. Health Care. Retirement.

16.Personalizing the Benefits Package. Pensions. Health Plans. Cafeteria Plans. Employee Assistance Programs. Those 'Little' Extras-Perks.


17.Motivating Your Staff for Peak Performance.

Different Strokes for Different Folks. People Crave Recognition. Five Tips for Effective Praising. 'Look What the Boss Gave Me'. Effective Recognition Programs. Motivating Off-Site Employees.

18.Building Motivation into the Job.

Enjoy Your Work. Avoiding Negative Motivati