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The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Italian History and Culture covers: Italy's greatest inheritance-her history, from the Etruscans to the post-World War II democratic republic Italians in America Rome, from republic to empire, from Remus and Romulus to the advent of Christianity the emergence of the Papal States and the Guelphs and Ghibellines the Renaissance-Machiavelli, Michelangelo, and Christopher Columbus Napoleon, Garibaldi, and the making of modern Italy Italians' gifts to the world-pizza, the Mafia, the spaghetti Western, and fashions from Milan and the Italian-American role call of fame-from Enrico Fermi and Joe DiMaggio to Lee Iacocco and Maddona!


1.The Magic of Italy

Sibling Rivalry. Italy Yesterday and Today. Why Learn About Italy? What Turns You On? What's Hot in Italy Today? How to Approach Italy and Her Story.

2.Che Panorama!.

The Boot. From Puglia to Friuli-Venezia Giulia. The City-States Within. Home Is Where the Heart Is. In the Middle of the Earth. Water, Water Everywhere. Natural Disasters. Festa Anyone?

3.Who Are the Italians?

What Makes an Italian? A World of Italians. La Famiglia È Sacra. What's in a Name? Can Anyone Be Italian?

4.From Shore to Shore.

Searching for Something Better. They Came in Waves. The Italian Community. Spaghetti and Bullets. The Dream Lives On.

5.The Sound of Music.

Express Yourself. Kissing Cousins: Dialects. The Most Important Phrases You'll Ever Need to Know. Gestures. What's in a Name? When Speaking Italian Was a Crime.


6.Rome Wasn't Built in a Day.

Your Mother Was a Wolf. Before There Was Rome. The Roman Republic. Built to Last. That's Entertainment, Folks. The Slaves. The Early Christians. You're Great, Constantine! Rome Today.

7.The Medieval Minestrone.

The Middle of What? An Architectural Primer. Know Your Parts. Family Feudalism. Apocalypse Then. All Roads Lead to Rome. St. Francis of Assisi. Santa Clara.

8.Popes, Politics, and Power.

Rome: Seat of the Vatican. Peter Picked a Pope. In Hoc Signo Vinces. Monasteries and Abbeys Become the Rage. Rites of the Church. Best to Conform. Pope John Paul II.Pope Trivia.

9.Leaving the Middle Ages.

Famine. Bigger Weapons, Bolder Warlords. Black Death and Bankruptcies. Let There Be Light. Ringing in the Renaissance. The Emergence of Tuscan. Dante. Bawdy Boccaccio. The Modern Man.


10. Can You Spare a Florin? Banking and Commerce.

Banker's Hours. Break the Bank. Starving Artist-Will Work for Money. Power in Numbers: The Guilds. Funny Money.

11.Strange Bedfellows.

Cities? States? City-States! Florence: The Medici. Florence: Art in the Square. Milan: The Sforza Family. Ferrara: The Este. Mantova: The Gonzagas. Urbino: The Montefeltros. A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words. Festivities. Cover Your Assets. Golden Age of Rome. Bedroom Politics. How to Be a Prince. Savonarola: Prophet of Doom.

12.Putti, Painters, and the Arts.

Bravissimo! The Renaissance. Humanists Are People, Too. The Platonic Academy. A Brief Renaissance Who's Who of Italian Artists.

13.Great Discoveries: Here We Come!

We Like It Spicy. Marco Polo. Unsung Heroes. Christopher Columbus. Way to Go Amerigo. Giovanni Caboto. Verrazano Bridges the Gap. Read All About It: Native American Discovers Italy! Galileo Figaro Magnifico. Other Italian Scientists. Copernicus.

14.The Day the Music Died.

Pope Paul III.The Holy Office. Baby Boom. The Beginning of the End. The Church Reigns Supreme. Cagliostro: Potion Maker. Giacomo Casanova.

15.Violins and Lace: The Baroque.

La 'Dramma per Musica'. The First Operatic Giants. Opera Houses. An Opera Glossary. Highlights of Italian Music. An Idiot's Crash Course on the Players. An Explosion of Creativity.


16.Parlez-Vouz Français?

The Napoleonic Empire. All in the Family. I Just Have to Have It! Napoleon is Pastry. Red, White, and Green in the New World.