Complete idiot's guide to managing your money


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1.Grab Good Financial Planning by the Tail.

Recognize That Time Is Money. Why Put Off Today What You Can Do Tomorrow? Ignore the Statistics and Stick to Your Plan. Excuuuuse Me! Okay, Here's the Money Part.

2.Managing the Debt Monster.

Determining If You Are in Debt Trouble. Measuring Your Financial Health. Developing a Budget. Adding Up the Pluses and Minuses. Understanding Why Sticking to the Minimum Can Hurt. Controlling Your Debt Once and for All. Using Your Savings. Getting Outside Help. Battling Debt's Biggest Culprit. Becoming a Debt-Buster. Filing for B-A-N-K-R-U-P-T-C-Y.

3.Creating Easy-to-Follow Shopping Habits.

What Supermarkets Don't Tell You. Smart Shopping 101.10 Ways Not to Spend MoneyStarting Today. The Online Shopping Experience. Fiber-Optic Wars. Flying the Friendly Skies on the Cheap.

4.Everyday Money Language You Should Know.

Watch Those Conflicting Reports! Watch the Rates: They're the Big Clue! Know Where to Go for All the Good Stuff. Learn How to Understand the Mumbo Jumbo. Determine What Kind of Investor You Are. Ask the Right Questions-Get the Right Answers!


5.Secrets to Simple Investment Strategies.

Creating Your Investment Profile. Knowing the Pluses and Minuses of Taking the Plunge. Investing in Stocks: A Crash Course. My Name Is Bond. Getting Started with Mutual Funds.

6.So Who Really Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Learn to Be Selfish. Establish Your New Routine. You Better Shop Around. It Doesn't Hurt to Have Some Exposure Across the Big Blue. Don't Just Buy-Diversify! Reduce Your Exposure to Uncle Sam. Build a Portfolio of Mutual Funds. Consider DRIPs. Use a Discount Broker If You Don't Need the Full Service. Know When to Sell Your Investments.


7.Top Money-Making Secrets Your Friendly Banker Won't Tell You.

How Banks Stay in the Black. How Banks Work the Rates. Loan Rates That Jump in the Night. How Fee Robbery Got Its Start. A Buck Here, a Buck Therebut Wow, It Adds Up! How Check-Cashing Outfits Rob You Blind. The Bigger They Are, the Worse It Gets. How Bad Can It Get? Really Bad! How You Can Negotiate.

8.Interest Rates 101.

Understanding How Banks Are Cashing In on Your Ignorance. Learning the Rate Basics and the Lingo. Knowing How Banks Create (and Play with) Their Numbers. Understanding How Banks Brew Up Their Rates.

9.How to Get the Best Deal on a Checking Account.

Checking Account Basics. Dropping Interest Rates: How Low Can They Go? Identifying What Kind of Checking Creature You Are. Understanding Fees: You'd Better Shop Around. Avoiding the Trap: There's No Such Thing As a Free Checking Account. A Savings Tip That Might Not Save You Anything. Protecting Yourself Against Forgery.

10.Investing Safely with Uncle Sam.

Two Choices: Your Money's Safe or It Isn't. He Who Laughs Last. You Shouldn't Overdo the Safety Angle. Uncle Sam Is As Solid As the Rock of Gibraltar. Treasury Money Funds Are an Option. Any Savings Bonds Today? 'I' Is for 'Inflation'. FDIC Protects Your Bank Deposits up to $100 Grand. How to Beat the $100,000 Insurance Limit. How Much Money Can You Afford to Lose? How Long Can You Be Without the Money? So ReallyHow Safe Are Banks?

11.Savings and CD Accounts: Beating the Averages.

Understanding Savings Account Basics. Shopping for Savings Accounts. Knowing Where the Money Is-In a 2