Complete idiot's guide to managing your time


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Sometimes life seems like one long day-kids to school, parents to work, kids to soccer practice and piano lessons, evening activities, business appointments. And weekends?! Weekends are when you catch up on all the things you didn't get done during the week! Whether you're an office worker under a pile of clutter or a stay-at-home parent who wonders where the day goes, The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Managing Your Time, Third Edition will help you create and execute a plan for reclaiming your life! With information for everyone from executives to retirees to time-pressed volunteers, this book will help you get more out of your day-and your life!


1.The Overtime Epidemic: How to Nip It in the Bud.

Staying Longer: Not the Answer. A Time-Pressured Decade. Part-timers, Students, and Homemakers Are Not Exempt. Day Is Done. Leave Now, Feel Good All Evening. Expect the Unexpected.

2.Strategies for Survival.

Your Plan and Welcome to It. Cut a Deal with Yourself. Now It's Time to Say Goodnight.

3.Time Flies Whether You Want It to or Not.

To a Long and Healthy Life. When Limits Help. The Time-Theft Culprit. Oblivion Starts Here. New Routines for New Perspectives. Jeff Davidson's Ten Steps to Kick Electronic Addiction. Easy Math for Reclaiming Your Time. Confusion Contusion.

4.Time-Binding Dilemmas That Can't Be Ignored.

Nearly Everyone Is Feeling Time-Pressure. We Want Our Time Back! Knowledge by the Ton. The Hierarchy of Input. Drawing Upon Accumulated Knowledge and Wisdom. Choices Beyond Counting. The Weight of the World. Cheaper by the Billions.

5.A Crowded House.

People, Roads, and Gridlock. Having to Wait. Time-Shifting 101.Shopping Secrets of the Unfrazzled.

6.Slowing the Pace of the Rat Race.

Your Self-Esteem Is Beside the Point. Rain Barrels Keep Falling on My Head. Sit and Ponder. A Formula for Slowing Down. Deficit-Spending Is a No-No. Choices Beyond Practicality. Choices over the Top. Your Time, Your Decision. Be Your Own Consultant. Exhibiting Your Inner Wisdom.


7.What Matters Most to You?

Corporate Creations. The List of Life. Actions Speak Louder Than Words. Minimize for Maximum Value.

8.Sustaining Your Priorities for Fun and Profit.

Wanting What You Have. Sticking to the Path. Building in Positive Reinforcements. Straying or Staying on Course? Long-Term Versus Short-Term Tasks. Master List Software. The Hit Parade. The KMCS Daily Planner. Caveats with All Scheduling Tools. Old Standbys: Paper and Pencil.

9.Buying Yourself Some Time.

Danger Ahead. 'Doing It All' Is Costly. Time Is Short Money Is Replenishable. Maid for You. Your Service System in 10 Easy Steps.

10.Becoming a Snooze-Savvy Sleeper.

The Brain Keeps Track. Sleep Deprivation: A Disaster in the Making. Getting Your REM Sleep. Catching Up on Sleep: Myth or Reality? Got Sleep? To Sleep Some More or Not? Get Rested. Road Rest. Well-Rested and Ready.


11.Loaning Yourself Out Less and Being Happier Because of It.

Finished? Here's More! Teach Your Boss. Calendar, Calendar on the Wall, Who's Overcommitted Most of All? Simplification = Freedom. Eliminating Unwanted Mail.

12.The Efficiently Organized Office.

Crack That Whip. Control Your Desk, or It Will Control You. Items Worth Acquiring. A Workout for the Cyber Set. Be the First on Your Block: Master Your Shelves. Filing Finesse.

13.Surround Yourself to Win.

The Ergonomics of It All. Setting Up Your Home Office. Variety Rules. Home Offices Require Quiet.

14.Becoming a Filing Wizard.

To File or Not to File. Tools to Help Simplify. Paper Abounds. Mr. Lakein's Junk Drawer. Questions About Paper. Discarding the Discardable. Filing to Preserve Your Sanity. Creating Files in Advance. Sheltering Homeless Files.

15.Top Time-Management Tools Revealed.

Getting Ahead of Yourself? I, Rulemaker. Speaking of High Productivity. Useless Options. Look Mom-No Hands! Flying the Quiet Skies. Convers