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Coverage includes: the history of NASA, from its origins in the l950s as the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Projects Mercury and Gemini the history and timeline, triumphs and tragedies of the famed Apollo missions, including the historic Apollo 11, which put the first men on the Moon in l969 NASA's contributions to our everyday life, most notably on robotics and the creation of cutting-edge research on aerodynamics and chapters on important NASA discoveries: the Pioneer and Voyager Spacecraft, the Hubble Space Telescope, communications satellites such as the Echo, Telstar, and Syncom.


1.My Adventures in Space.

First Flight of the Space Radar Laboratory. Back to Earth. From Earth to Space: Eight-and-a-Half Very Long Minutes. STS-68.Anatomy of My Space Suit. My Third Mission: STS-80. STS-98. Oh, All Right, Here's How We Go to the Bathroom.

2.NASA Today: Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe.

Who We Are. Goals and Objectives. Programs. Education. Distance Learning Expeditions. Realities: The Need to Stay on Budget.

3.What Makes a Rocket Go Up?

From China to the Fourth of July: A Brief History of Rocketry. How a Rocket Works. The Founding Fathers of Space Travel.

4.So You Want to Be an Astronaut?

Requirements to Be an Astronaut. How to Apply. For a Well-Grounded Career. Tips for Youngsters. Tips for College Students. Tips for Those Entering the Military. Space Cowboys, Cowgirls, and the Final Frontier.

5.Visiting NASA: Y'all Come On Down, Hear?

Kennedy Space Center. Space Camp. Astronaut Hall of Fame. Cape Canaveral. Johnson Space Center. Ames Research Center. Marshall Space Flight Center. Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Goddard Space Flight Center. Stennis Space Center.


6.Wernher von Braun and Early U.S. Rockets.

Son of a Baron. How von Braun's Efforts Helped the Allies. Operation Paperclip. Viking and Redstone: First U.S. Efforts. First Space Pix. Jupiter-C and Atlas. Titan and Thor. Media Starts Space Craze. Cuban Missile Crisis. Reaching for Doomsday: Delivering an H-Bomb Reliably to a Target. Threat of Nuclear War. Controlling the 'High Ground': Control of Space As Military Advantage.

7.Russia First Out of the Space Gate.

Sputnik: Starting Gun of the Space Race. K9 Adventure. NASA Is Born.

8.Early Frustrations: Project Kaboom (A.K.A. Vanguard).

You Can't Blame NASA. First Rocket Designed to Orbit Satellites. First Attempt Explodes on Launch Pad. Finally, Success: March 17, 1958.Technology Testbed.

9.Explorer and Pioneer.

U.S. in Orbit (Finally): Explorer I.The Pioneer Program.

10.Early Communications and Weather Satellites.

Communications. Meteorology. The Delta Rocket. The Scout Rocket.


11.Catching Up: Yuri Gagarin, Alan Shepard, and Project Mercury.

'The Curvature of the Earth'. Two Theories of Manned Space Travel. Project Mercury. President Kennedy's Promise. Liberty Bell 7.

12.Around the World in 90 Minutes: Astronauts in Orbit.

Friendship 7: First U.S. Orbital Flight. Aurora 7: Carpenter's Flawed Mission.

13.Near Perfection.

Sigma 7: Engineering Precision. Russians Still Winning the Space Race. Faith 7: A Lengthier Stay in Space. Are There UFOs in Space?

14.From Blecch to Yum: History of Space Food.

Of Course, John Glenn Was First. Skylab: Room for a Dining-Room Table. Today's Space Diner. Food Stories to Chew On. The Astronaut's Nutritional Needs.

15.Two Heads Are Better Than One: Project Gemini.

New Features of the Gemini. Gemini 2: Last Unmanned Test. Gemini 3: The Molly Brown. Gemini IV: These Boots Are Made for Walkin'. Gemini V: Endurance Test. Gemini VI: The Mission That Almost Wasn't. Gemini VII: Fortnight in Space.

16.Ironing Out Gemini's Bugs.

Gemini VIII: Momentary Success and a Very Close Call. Gemini IX: A Tragic Revamping. Dual Rendezvous: Gemini X.First Tethered Flight: Gemini XI. Grand