Complete idiot's guide to personal finance in your 20s and 30s


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The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Personal Finance in Your 20s and 30s, Second Edition gives readers an edge in getting through financial hardships, investing in the future, and saving money for the long haul. The Second edition will include new coverage of: taxes, stock market investing, other investment opportunities, borrowing money and interest rates, and technology.


1.Personal Finance: The Stuff They Didn't Teach You in College.

Exactly What Is Personal Finance? Why Don't I Already Know This Stuff? Money's Not a Dirty Word. Personal Finance Is for My Parents. How Hard Is This Gonna Be? Let's Get Started.

2.You're Out Here-Now What Are You Gonna Do?

Hey! Nobody Told Me It Was Gonna Be Like This! A Look at Where You Are. A Look at Where You're Going. A Personal Finance Test.

3.Taking a Look at Your Bank Accounts.

Do You Have the Accounts You Need? All Banks Are Not Created Equal. Another New Bank Fee? Stop at the ATM, I Need More Cash.

4.Credit Cards and Debt.

Everybody Wants a Credit Card-Until They Have One. How Many Credit Cards Does One Person Need? Keeping Your Credit Cards Safe. Keep It (Your Credit Card) in Your Pants. Finding a Better Deal on Your Credit Cards. Timeliness Is Next to Godliness: Paying Off Your Debt.

5.Finding a Place with the Right Zip Code.

Doing the Apartment Thing. Full House. What Am I Gonna Sleep On? I Gotta Pay for That, Too?

6.Road Rules.

Cruising the Auto Industry Landscape. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. The Great Debate: Buying or Leasing. New or Used, Big or Small? Your Car Costs You More Than You Think.


7.What Do You Have?

Living With the Job You've Got. Looking at Your Options. There's More to a Job Than the Money. Assessing Your Assets. Your Secret Stash.

8.What Do You Need?

Your Financial Lifestyle. Evaluating Your Expectations. Looking at What You Need and What You Don't.

9.The B Word: Budgets.

Why Budgets Have Such a Bad Rep. Everybody Needs a Budget. What Your Budget Should Include. Trimming the Fat: Analyzing Your Expenses. One Job, Two Jobs, Three Jobs, Four. Sticking With It. Software and Websites for Budgeting.

10.Getting Into the Swing of Savings.

Are You a Saver or a Spender? A Penny Saved Is More Than a Penny Earned. Getting Into a Savings Mindset. Tips for Saving Money on Almost Everything.

11.Your Credit: Use It, Don't Abuse It.

Building a Credit History. Knowing When Enough Is Enough. Oops! I Think I'm in Trouble. Your Credit Report and Credit Score.


12.Movin' On Up.

Emergency Funds. Finding Another Car. Back to School. Life Is Better in the Tropics. Aren't These Computers Cool? Getting Your Own Place.

13.What's All This Talk About Investments?

Starting Small. Mutual Funds. Money Markets. CDs-We're Not Talking Compact Discs. 401(k)s.

14.A Taxing Topic.

What's Your Taxable Income? How to Make Less of Your Income Taxable. Fitting In: Tax Brackets. Preparing Your Tax Returns. Websites and Software That Can Help You Prepare Your Taxes.

15.Looking Out for What You Have.

Welcome to the Insurance Jungle. Insurance 101.Sometimes You Need It, Sometimes You Don't. My Mama Told Me: You Better Shop Around. What Do You Mean I'm Not Covered?


16.The Game of Life.

Footloose and Fancy-Free. She (Gulp!) Wants Me to Move in with Her! Will You Marry Me, Bill? Uh, Could You Sign Here, Please? Goin' to the Chapel and We're Gonna Get Married.

17.Not Your Father's Pension Plan: Retirement Funds in the Modern World.

Is Retirement Planning Your Top Priority? It Should Be What's Out There? Doing It on Your