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The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Playing the Harmonica will be the ultimate learning text for the aspiring "harpist" (as harmonica players are called). The reader will learn to play the harmonica in three bsic stages-beginner, intermediate, and advanced, with a heavy emphasis on actual practice exercises. The book will emphasize blues, rock, bluegrass, folk, and jazz it is designed to appeal to the broadest possible cross section of players. Additional chapters will cover purchasing the best harmonica for you, harmonica maintenance, the art of playing with other musicians, and profiles of master harpists.


1.Versatile, User Friendly, and Fun.

Why Play the Harp? Becoming a Player.

2.Let's Take It from the Top.

In the Beginning: Oriental Blues. Europe Adopts (and Adapts) the Free Reed. Hohner: Harmonicas for the Huddled Masses. Harmonicas from Sea to Shining Sea. The Harmonica in Today's Music World.

3.The First Step: Spend a Little Money.

Decisions: Getting the Best Buy. More Decisions: Tunings for Every Occasion. The Choice Is Yours. What to Buy Now and What to Buy Later. Harmonica Stuff.

4.My Harp Will Go On.

Harmonica Physics: Good Vibrations. Be Gentle at First. Preventing Harp Disease. Four Repair Techniques You Can Learn. Quandaries and Queries.


5.Harp Talk.

What's Going On Here? The Tablature System. What Note to Play. How Long to Play It. Should You Bend the Note? How Much Should You Bend It? When to Use the Slide Button on a Chromatic Harmonica. Some Familiar Tunes.

6.Body Language.

Stand Up Straight! Suck in That Gut! Keep Both Hands on the Harp. Take Some Deep Breaths. Open Wide and Say 'Oooh'.

7.Playing Your First Notes.

Let's Start with Some Chords. 'Tis Nobler to Pucker or Tongue? More Tonguing Techniques. Good Vibratos. Don't Just Stand There! Stomp Your Foot! Ten Tips to Top Tone.

8.Playing More and Faster Notes.

Playing High Notes. That's Really Trilling. Grace Notes. Slides and Dropoffs. Hanon for Harp.

9.Music Break Number 1.

Familiar Songs That Are Fun to Play.


10.Reading and 'Riting and Rhythmatic.

Why Read Music? Notes. Chords. Beats. Signs. Keys. Checklist for Reading Music.

11.Tongue-Blocking Tricks.

Tongue-Block Octaves. Tongue-Block Chords.

12.The Art of Bending.

Draw and Blow Bends. The Art of Overbends and Harp Valves.

13.Harp Positions and Musical Modes.

The Circle of Fifths and Harmonica Positions. More Positions Than the Kama Sutra. Modes and Chord Progressions.


14.Ready for the Blues (and Improvisation).

Improvisation: Making Your Story Make Sense. Riffing Up a Groove: Simple Ain't Easy. Call-and-Response. Twelve-Bar Blues Techniques. Licks: Spicing Up the Meat.

15.You Got More Than the Blues.

Country Harping. Rock Harp. Erin Go Harp. Fiddling on the Harp: Appalachian Fiddle Tunes.

16.Keep Your Day Job.

Jamming. A Little Harp Can Go a Long Way. Forming a Band and Getting Gigs. Getting the Word Out: Marketing. Taking Care of Business. Leave 'Em Screaming for More.

17.The Final Note: Music Break Number 2.

Putting It All Together.


Appendix A: Complete Glossary of Harp Terms.
Appendix B: Resources.