Complete idiot's guide to retiring early


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Retiring early: it's the new American dream, but whether it means traveling abroad, spending more time with family, pursuing a favorite hobby, or doing volunteer work, one thing is for certain-getting there won't be easy. With the average life expectancy increasing year after year, calling it quits early could mean living 30 years or more without a work-related income. Furthermore, with Social Security and traditional pension plans contributing less to our retirement savings, building a next egg that is large enough to cover this ever-increasing income gap will take a great deal of planning.


1.It's About Having Options.

Why Retire? Early Retirement. What Would You Do? What You Will Give Up. Where Retirement Came From.

2.What It Takes.

Dough: A Pile of Money. Desire: You Gotta Really Want It. Decisions: Tough Choices. Discipline: A Lotta "Round Tuits". Defense: The Best Offense @CHAPTER = 3.Exploring the Issues. A Midlife Crisis. Get a Financial Physical. One Works, the Other Doesn't.

4.Life in the Slow Lane.

The Life of Riley. If You Have Your Health. Die Broke-or Not. What Will Your Parents Think? What Will Your Kids Think?

5.From Money to Wealth.

The Difference Between Wealthy and Rich. How You Feel About Money. The Big Picture Stuff: The Long Term. Same as Regular Retirement, Only Faster. Make Your Money Work for You.


6.Wealth: How to Get It and Keep It.

Get It Together. Determining Net Worth. Play Defense First. Get Out of the Debt Hole. Your 911 Fund. The Protection Game.

7.How to Be a Middle-Class Millionaire.

Think Like a Millionaire-Don't Act Like One. You Can't Spend Yourself Rich. Lifestyle Choices: Live Well for Less. A Comfortable Lifestyle.

8.Estimating Your Retirement Costs.

Inflation Is Your Worst Enemy. Expenses in Retirement-by Stages. Retirement to Age 62.Age 62 to 70. Age 70 and Beyond.

9.How to Pay Your Expenses in Retirement.

Tiered Income Changes. Retirement to Age 62.Age 62 to 70. Beyond Age 70.

10.Achieving Your Retirement Goals. Make a Plan or Plan to Fail. Retirement to Age 62. Age 62 to 70. Beyond Age 70.Percent of Total Income.
11.Finding and Using a Financial Planner.

Professionals Can Help. Types of Planners. What You Want in a Planner. How to Find a Planner. Check Them Out. Organizations. Choose One.


12.How to Pay for Your Goals.

The Way We Used to Retire. The Way We Need to Invest Today. The Portfolio Strategy. Paying Taxes on Taxable Accounts. Taxes on Retirement Account Withdrawals .Investing for Intermediate-Term Goals. Saving for Short-Term Goals.

13.Keys to Successful Investing.

Be an Aggressive Saver. Beat Taxes and Inflation. Think Like a Long-Term Investor. Characteristics of Successful Investors.

14.The Secret Techniques Laid Bare.

Work with Your Money. How Many Baskets You Need? Don't Panic.

15.You're the Boss.

Paint, Wallpaper, and Trim. When to Redecorate.


16.Stocking Wild Game.

Where Is the Jungle? Tracking Trophy Stock. Other Ways to Find Big Game. Hiring a Tracker.

17.Herds of Stocks: Mutual Funds.

Identifying Herds of Stocks. Index Funds. Managed Funds. Picking the Right Herd. Using Past Performance. Other Tools.

18.A Zoo-ful of Bonds.

Are Bonds Tame? Bond Language. Why Rates Change. Hiring a Zookeeper: Bond Funds. Putting a Ladder in the Monkey Cage. Different Species of Bonds. Zeros and STRIPS. Off to the Zoo.

19.Risk Your Money or Your Retirement.

What Is Risk? Time and Risk. Other Risks. Information Risk.


20.Keep the Taxman Waiting While You Work.

401(k) Plans. 403(b) Plans. 457 Retirement Plans. Self-Employment Retirement Plans. The Company Pension.

21.The IRA: Your Personal Tax Shelter. Income Limits for Contributions