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One in ten U.S. households owned an RV-travel trailers, folding camper trailers, van conversions, and slide-in truck campers, as well as motor homes-in 1997, the highest level of ownership in the past 20 years. RVs are a new way to travel/live for most people, and deciding which type to choose, whether to rent or buy, how to handle plumbing and engines, even how to choose a campground-can be daunting. The Complete Idiot's Guide® to RVing is the perfect guide for first-timers and anyone looking to move up in equipment or to RV more ambitiously.


1.Why RV?

The ABCs of RVs. Different Strokes, Different Folks. Motorized RVs. Towable RVs. What's in It for Me? What Can I Expect?

2.Who RVs?

Who's Doin' It? All Aboard. Types of Travel. Restrictions.

3.Where to Stay?

Campgrounds. Hooking Up. Length of Stay. 'Tis the Season. Accessibility. What's to Do, What to Do? Active Endeavors. Facilities. You've Been Served. Okay, How Much? No-No's. Types of Campgrounds. Government Campgrounds. Boondocking. Conventional Lodging.


4.The World of Motorized RVs.

More Than a Motor. Motor Woes. Class A Motorhomes. Class B Motorhomes. Class C Motorhomes. Truck Camper.

5.The World of Towables.

Tow: The Way to Go. Towing Woes. Types. Fifth-Wheel Trailers. Travel Trailers. Lightweight Travel Trailers. Fold-Down Campers.

6.Narrowing Down Your Choices.

Talking the Talk. Even More to Think About. Slide-Outs or Not? Gas or Diesel?. Builder's Choice. Raising the Roof. What's Their Rep? Wide-Body Designs. Walking the Walk. Read All About It. New or Used? New.


7.What to Buy?

Livability Tests. The Inspection. Exterior Inspection. Don't Get Hoodwinked. Gentlemen, Start Your Engines. Warning Signs.

8.The Art of the Deal.

The Hard Sell. Private Sellers. Dealer's Choice. Common Buying Pitfalls. Wheelin' and Dealin'. Extras, Extras. Tradin' Time. Warranties. Check, Please. How Do They Rate?

9.After the Sale.

Taking Delivery. Final Walk-Thru. Follow-Up Meeting. Shakedown Street. A Little Insurance. Roadside Assistance. Lemon Aid.


10.Electrical Systems.

Straight to the Source. Engine Power. Coach Power. Monitor Panels. Electricity: The Long and the Short(age). Running Out of Juice. Blackout! Important Add-Ons.

11.LP Systems.

LP: It's a Gas. The Heat Is On. Home on the Range. Water Heater. LP Containers. Container Types. Safety First.

12.Plumbing Systems.

Water World. Fresh Water System. Pumping Up. Avoiding the Cold Shoulder. Bathroom Talk. Wastewater Systems. Runnin' on Empty. Down in the Dumps. Mr. Clean.


13.Towin' the Line.

How Much Can My Vehicle Tow? The Big Three. Matchmaker, Matchmaker. The Hitching Post. Conventional Trailers. Fifth Wheels. The Big Tow. Final Steps. Accessorizing. Towing Behind a Motorhome. What Can My Motorhome Tow? Towed Vehicles Come in Threes.

14.Drive Time.

The Only Thing to Fear. Start Your Engines. The Seven Deadly Driving Sins. Practice, Practice, Practice. A Class Act. Fuel. Dealing With. Must-Have Gear.

15.How Much Does Your RV Weigh?

Weighty Concerns. Is My RV Fat? Packing. What Weighs What? The Leader of the Pack. Common Pitfalls. The Loading Zone.

16.Choosing a Campground.

Where to, Bub? Finding Mr. Right. Setting Up Camp. Checking In. A Site for Sore Eyes. Hookups. What's Next? Rules and Etiquette. Breaking Camp.

17.Roughin' It.

Why Oh Why? The Path of Most Resistance. Ready for Action. Conservative Thinking. Cold-Weather Camping. One Cool Customer. Winterizing Hookups.


18.Travel Planning.

Kids and Families and Babies, Oh My. Heavy Petting. The Group Mentality. Border Patrol. The Full-Timing Life.

19.Staying in Touch.