Complete idiot's guide to starting your own restaurant


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A recent survey by the National Restaurant Association found restaurateurs to be hard-working, affluent and optimistic, but only 50% said they would do it all again. Hundreds of thousands of these business people work hard-more than half put in a minimum of 60 hours per week. But despite the hard work, the restaurant business can be one of the most fickle and difficult businesses to break into. Why? People get into it for all the wrong reasons. Voila! The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Starting a Restaurant is here to provide the recipe for success. How do you decide how much money it will take? When do you know you're failing-or succeeding? If you're failing, when do you pull the plug? If you're succeeding, how do you successfully expand? Focusing on these kinds of business questions, this book takes a practical approach. Once you've decided to take the plunge, chef Mark Miller tells you all the secrets-from inventory control to hiring kitchen help.


1.Table for One: Is This for Me?

Why a Restaurant? There Are No 'Typical' Days. Wanted: Management Skills. The Great Money and Time Questions. Preliminary Start-Up Costs. Ask Questions. A Story About Service and Risk.

2.Everybody Eats: The State of the Industry.

Some Recent History. An Abundance of Opportunity. Strategies for Success. Restaurant Industry Challenges. If You Are Great, You Will Succeed.

3.Choosing Your Restaurant.

Start from Scratch or Buy an Existing Business? Going It Alone Versus Franchising. Research Is Your Friend: Determining Your Concept. The Concept Design Team. The Concept Decision. The Core Menu Concept. What Type of Service Will You Offer? Who Are You? Picking a Name.

4.Is This Legal?

Business Structure. Uncle Sam's Rules. Local Laws. A Typical Legal Process for Building a Restaurant. Other Agencies. You Have Your Permits, Now What? Your Legal Name.


5.The Plan Is to Plan.

Why Build a Business Plan? Who Reads the Plan? The Basic Business Plan Components. The Financial Plan. Your Business Plan Is a Living Document.

6.Choosing the Right Site.

What Makes a Site Work? How Do You Know Whether the Site Is Right? What Should I Pay? Let's Make a Deal.

7.Shake the Money Tree.

The Three Stages to Financing Your Restaurant. How Do You Get Money? Finding Cash by Looking. Knowledge Is Your Friend.

8.The Preopening Calendar.

The Organizational System. One Year Before Opening. Eight Months Before Opening. Six Months Before Opening. Five Months Before Opening. Four Months Before Opening. Three Months Before Opening. Two Months Before Opening. Thirty Days Before Opening. The Final Two Weeks Before Opening. The Night Before Opening.


9.Whoever Gets the Best People Wins: It's _a People Game.

Determining Your Staffing Needs. How to Find Good Employees. Determining Whether They Are Right. Finish the Job Right.

10.Managing Your Risks.

What's the Worst That Could Happen? The Four Biggest Risk Factors.

11.Basic Accounting: It's More Than Just _Counting the Beans.

Cash-Control Systems. The Power of Restaurant-Based In-Unit Accounting. The Books: Simplify Your Accounting. The Three Most Important Financial Statements. Taxes Can Be Taxing: What You Need to Know. Forms of Payment.

12.Purchasing: It's More Than Buying a Can of Corn.

Choosing the Vendors. Negotiating the Particulars: Wheeling and Dealing. Building Your Purchasing System. Determining How Much to Order. Receiving the Order.

13.Restaurant Marketing 101.

A Tactical Approach. Marketing Rules for a Start-Up Restaurant. Use Your Brain. The Cost of Marketing. Have a Great Grand Opening. Three Long-Term Marketing Questions. Marketing Tips to Consider. The Performance Analysis.


14.Get It Right on the Back End: The Back of the House.

Equipment Needs. Paper or Plastic? The Ware and Tear. Eight Ways to Raise the Bar. Check It Out. The Food Manual. Back of House Organization.

15.Upfront Effort: Setting Up for Service.

The Dining Room. Go with the Flow. Your Service System Guide. Other Stations.

16.Dinner at Your House: Treating Customers Like Guests.

Are You a People Person? Do You P