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The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Tantric Sex covers every aspect of this ancient practice, from the sacred beliefs of Tantra which form the basis for Tantric loving to the process of preparing for and practicing Tantric techniques. The book is broken down into six parts, including: the secret sexual world of Tantra preparing your mind for Tantric sex preparing your body for Tantric sex preparing your spirit for Tantric sex the art of Tantric self-love and the joy of Tantric sex.


1.What Is Tantric Sex?

What Is Tantra? Sacred Sex the Tantric Way. A Powerful Chemical Cocktail to Bliss. Find and Follow the Pathways of Energy. How the West Revived Eastern Tantric Sex Practices. Sacred Sex. Myths About Tantra and Tantric Sex. Why Tantric Sex Now? Twelve Benefits of Tantric Sex Practices. Are You Ready for Tantra? The Ten Pledges of the Tantric Sex Path.

2.The Basics: Yes, Yin Yang, Yoni, and Yab Yum.

Yin and Yang: What Is Male and What Is Female? Achieving Balance and Union of Opposites. Position Yourselves for Love in Yab Yum. Sex as Energy-Not Activity. Empowered to Say "Yes" or "No". Taking Care of Your Body Temple.

3.Spinning Your Wheels and Breathing to Ecstasy.

The Importance of Your Breath. Why We Don't Breathe Correctly. The Chakra Wheels. Breathe Through the Chakras. The Third Eye as Window to the Soul. Making All the Connections from Coccyx to Crown. Your Inner Smile. Be Both Participant and Observer.

4.Awaken and Worship the God and Goddess in You.

What Is 'God/Goddess'? Integrate All Your Roles. Seeing Beyond the Superficial. The Importance of Worshipping Each Other. Clearing Up Confusion About Gods and Goddesses. Getting to Know the Ancient Goddesses. Gods from Different Cultures. Modern-Day God/Goddess Icons. Gods and Their Goddess Counterparts. The Essence of the God/Goddesses Within You. Using Deities in Your Sex Practice. Festivals and Other God/Goddess Gatherings. Temples.


5.Prep Your Body Temple of Love. Your Body as the Bridge to Bliss. The Two Colors of Tantra: Merging the Sexual and the Physical. The Yoga Connection. Love Muscle Exercises for Men and Women. Follow a Conscious Workout. The Spinal Tap. Food for Thought: You Are What You Eat.
6.Amp Up or Damp Down Your Sexual Energy.

Ways to Calm Down. Air Yoga as a Stress Reducer. Amping Up for Good Loving. Ask Your Partner for Help.

7.Setting the Stage for Your Tantric Nights of Pleasure.

Making Time Enough for Love. The Conscious Cleanup. The Tantric Bathing Ritual. God and Goddess Dress Up. Your Ideal Romantic Setting. Prepare Your Sacred Lovemaking Space. Honoring Rituals to Sanctify Your Space. Going Out on Your Tantra Date.

8.Practices for Beloveds to Reach Bliss

What Is Bliss? Synchronizing Your Energy. Stimulating the Senses. Call It Sacred: Finding Your Tantric Love Triggers. Sex in the Flow Lane. Advanced Body Exploration. Making Sacred Water Magic. Staying in Bliss: The Afterplay.

9.Breaking Through Blocks to Bliss.

When Big Emotions Burst Forth. Making Time for Each Other. Diffusing Your Anger. Overcoming Feelings of Separation. Balancing Your Male and Female Energies. Frustration Over Who's on Top. Getting Past Desperation and Attachment. Purging Panic and Obsessions. More Ways to Clear Blocks.


10.Giving Her the Best Nights Ever.

The Value of Taking Turns at Pleasure. What Do Women Really Want? Boudoir Basics. Night of Pleasure 1: Promises to the Goddess in the Pleasure Palace. Relaxing Her. Night of Pleasure 2: Getting Closer. The Resolution Phase. Night of Pleasure 3: When Love and Love Liquid Flow.

11.Giving Him the Best Nights Ever.

Night 1: Taking Your Man into Tantric Bliss. Preparing Him for Pleasure. Leading Him to the Tantric Love Temple. Preparing Him for His Night of Love. Th