Complete idiot's guide to the lives of the saints


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Did you know that Mother Teresa performed miracles? Did you know that martyrs and saints were hacked to pieces at death because their bodies were religious relics? Did you know that there are Jewish and other non-Catholic saints? And how does this intercession business work, anyway? The Complete Idiot's Guide® to the Lives of the Saints is here to help. Expert author Paul L. Williams gives readers an insight to everything from the process of becoming a saint to the lives of the most significant, colorful and useful individuals.


1.The Community of Saints.

Saints Be Praised: It All Comes from the Catholics. Let's Cut to Sex. Get Ready for a Holy Tour of the Saints' Lives.

2.Heaven, the Home of the Saints: Eternal Bliss but No Sex, No Pets, and No MTV.

Who Has a Home in Heaven. What, Then, Are the Specific Joys of Heaven?

3.Where the Rest of the Poor Souls Go: Purgatory, Limbo, and Hell.

Purgatory. But This Stuff Is So Medieval! In Limbo-Land. Hell: A Real Scream, Without the Popcorn.


4.Whatever Happened to the Twelve Apostles?

John the Baptist: Sainthood Is Not for Sissies. St. Peter Gets the Keys to the Kingdom. The Weird Gospels Produce Weird Legends.

5.Legends Versus Lives: St. Paul and His Disciples.

St. Paul The Patron Saint of Protestants. The Story of Paul and the Lion Who Became a Pussycat. The Disciples of St. Paul.

6.The Holy Martyrs: How to Obtain Real Death Benefits.

How the Christians Became So Hated. St. Cecilia, or, All for a Song. Pliny Relates Plenty on Christians. Zounds: St. Zoe Opposes Zeus. Yet Another Round of Persecutions. Hey, Marcus Aurelius, Why Don't You Practice What You Preach! Just Toss Us a Bone, for Heaven's Sake. Five Reasons Christians Were Really Irksome to Pagans. Great Party Causes Terrible Hangover. And You Thought Diocletian Was Decent. Diocletian Cracks Up and Grows Cabbage.

7.The Intercession of the Saints (Plus: How Many Saints' Lives are Really Legends!).

The Power of the Saints. It's True: Dead Saints Do Favors for Dead People. It Began with an Anniversary Party. Sebastian: Seems like a Good Name for a Soldier. All They Want Is a Little Recognition.

8.Hey! These Apologists Won't Say They're Sorry!

The Pagans Take Aim at Christians This Time with Their Pens. Let's Get This Straight These Guys Won't Apologize. Fronto Gets St. Irenaeus Irked. This Guy Has a Wacky Sense of Humor! Christianity Gets Caught Up in Technicalities. Now This Is Really Extreme! The Man Who Moved Mountains. Will Jesus Marry the Queen of Egypt? Great Idea! Passing Out Tracts to The Pagans! Lactantius Has Last Laugh. When Can We Stop Apologizing?


9.White Martyrdom: Confessors Open the Back Door to Heaven.

Now That It's Legal, It's No Fun. If You Thought Antony Was Weird, Wait Until You Meet Paul the Hermit. A Real Saint Is Merciful to Mosquitoes. I've Heard of Insomnia, But This Is Ridiculous! Don't Mess with St. Marcarius. Even Maggots Need a Break Now and Then. But Freaks Are Fun! Need a Cold Shower? Jump in a Bramble Bush!

10.The Brides of Christ: Good Grief! There's a Harem in Heaven.

Want a Perfect Husband? You, Too, Can Become a Bride of Christ. The Honeymoon Is Heaven. Talk About Child Abuse! Two-Timing the Lord? Now Prostitutes Are Marrying Jesus? What Next? The Desert Is No Place for Harlots in Hair Shirts.

11.The Great Christian Missionaries: How the Irish Saints Saved the World.

Good News! There's a Back Road to Heaven! These Guys Are Enough to Ruin a Nice Christian Neighborhood. This Saint Can Get Really Ugly. How the Irish Saved the World.

12.Popes and Princes: In Heaven, It Pays to Be Rich.

Most Saints Were Fat Cats. It's Easy to Get CanonizedIf You're a King. Saints Really Pop Out of the Papacy.

13.The Church Gives Doctoral Degrees to Some Dead Saints.

Some Saints Are More