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Think you know all there is to know about the Mafia! Fuggedaboudit! The Complete Idiot's Guide® to the Mafia is a comprehensive and fascinating overview of the criminal organization known as the Mafia. Mob expert and historian Jerry Capeci will take the reader on a colorful tour of this once very secret society, starting with its roots in 16th Century Sicily to its infiltration into American life and ending with what remains of the Mafia today.


1.Who Are These Guys?

Which Mafia? Top Dogs. The Puppies. Real Life.

2.Making the Mafia Grade.

Who's Eligible? The Ceremony. The Rules. Salutations. The Real Rule.

3.The Mafia's Commission.

The Mafia Killing Fields. The Board of Directors. Decision-Making Time. Out of Commission.

4.Five Families Carve Up the Big Apple.

A Word About Labels. The Bonanno Family. The Colombo Family. The Gambino Family. The Genovese Family. The Luchese Family.

5.Mafia Families Poison the Northeast.

The Pittstown Family. The Buffalo Family. The Newark Family. The New England Family. The Philadelphia Family. The Pittsburgh Family. The Rochester Group.

6.From the Windy City to the City of Angels.

Gunning for Control over the Windy City. Putting Denver on the Mafia Map. Making History in Kansas City. Running Rackets in Milwaukee. Making News in the Bay Area. Getting Organized in San Jose. Meeting the Mob in St. Louis. Mickey Mousing in the City of Angels.

7.Mafia Up North, Mafia Down South.

The Cleveland Family. The Dallas Family. The Detroit Family. The New Orleans Family. The Tampa Family.


8.The Mob Loves Prohibition.

Making Money with Local Rackets. Why Prohibition? Where Did the Liquor Come From? The Consequences of Prohibition.

9.Gambling Makes Mobsters Smile.

Playing Numbers. Betting on Sports. Controlling the Machines. Building the Clubs. Collecting the Payoff. Bringing in the Loan Sharks.

10.Mafia Puts the Squeeze on Unions.

The Teamster Structure. Elections. The Union Money Machine. Direct Mafia Control. Labor Union Violence. Union Talk.

11.Dealing Drugs.

The Mafia Drug Ban. The Federal Drug Laws. Closeups of Some Drug Boys.

12.La Cosa Nostra Builds Las Vegas.

The Beginning. The Loans. The Skim. The Bugs. The Strawman. The End.

13.No End to Mob Rackets.

Fraud. Gas Scams. Pornography. Meat and Potatoes.


14.Mobsters Come Out of the Closet.

Mob Chieftain Joins the Salvation Army. Mobsters Go to Washington. The Big BBQ (Apalachin, New York).

15.Mafia Starts to Feel the Heat.

Labor Pains. Attorney General RFK. Joe Valachi.

16.Falling In Love with the Mafia.

Life in the Magazines. The Godfather Romanticizes the Mafia. Goodfellas Gets It Right.

17.Lights, Camera, Action for a Mafia Star.

Enter Joe Colombo. The Italian-American Civil Rights League. The Shooting. The Aftermath.


18.Big Brother Gets Serious.

Electronic Muddle. The Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act (1968). Legal Electronic Surveillance in Action. The Organized Crime Control Act (1970).

19.Feds Full Court Press Against the Mafia.

Indictments Sweep the Windy City. Shakeup in the Cleveland Family. Betrayal in the New England Family. Historic Convictions in New York City. Other Convictions That Made the News.

20.Feds Pressure Union Reforms.

Dealing with the Teamster Presidency. Setting an Example with Teamster Local 560.Reforming the Laborers Union.

21.Wiseguys Start Spilling Their Guts.

The Animal Makes a Splash. Singing Sammy Takes the Spotlight. Philip Leonetti Reaps a Handsome Reward. The Highest-Ranking Singer Tells Stories from