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Whether you've been married for days, months or years, no matter how strong and stable your relationship is-and especially if it isn't-you may dream about making things better. If only someone would tell you how to go about doing it! The Complete Idiot's Guide® to the Perfect Marriage, Second Edition gives readers the knowledge and the confidence to make their marriage great. You'll learn how to be a more giving person, how to plan for the good and the bad, how to handle potential difficulties, how to schedule secret getaways and dates that keep a marriage exciting and romantic, and how to design your life and improve your daily routine so you have time to enjoy each other.


1.Profile of the Perfect Marriage.

What's So Great About Marriage Anyway? The Best Investment You'll Ever Make. Which Marriage Would You Rather Be In? Qualities in a Great Marriage. Does GREAT Equal Perfect?

2.Obstacles to a Perfect Marriage.

Throw Away Your Fantasies. Unrealistic Expectations. The Blame Game. Getting Over Grudges. Overcoming Your Obstacles. Don't Give Up Easily. Go for It!

3.Making the Ordinary Extraordinary.

Don't Take Your Spouse for Granted. Small Things Do Count. Do One Nice Thing Each Day. Make the End of Each Day Special.

4.Keeping the Passion Alive.

Reigniting Passion. Good Fun Takes Good Planning. Let's Do Lunch. Rate Your Date with Your Mate. Put Aside Differences. Be Spontaneous, Too. Hot Date Ideas. Romantic Getaways.


5.Two-Way Communication.

What Exactly Is Communication? Ten Steps to Clear Communication. The Art of Listening. What's Wrong with This Picture? Knowing What You Need. Sending Your Message. Make Sure You Were Heard.

6.It's Just a Matter of Time.

Rush, Rush, Rush. Where Does the Time Go? Time Is Like Money. A Question of Balance. Make the Most of Your Time Together. Time Is Precious.

7.What's Bugging You?

Who Am I and Who Are You? Why Do We Annoy Each Other? Gripes and Grievances. The Bother Barometer. The Virtue of Tolerance. The Grass Is Not Always Greener.

8.We Can Work It Out.

Set Aside Time. Turning Conflict into Resolution. Say 'I,' Not 'You'. Reality Check. Be a Good Echo. Stay on Target. One-Liners to Avoid. Be Honest with Your Limits. Don't Forget You Are Both on the Same Side.

9.I'm Sorry That's All I Can Say.

We All Make Mistakes. Don't Turn the Table Around. Apologizing to Clear the Air. The 'I'm Sorry' Quiz. Don't Hold a Grudge. Anger and Forgiveness.


10.For Richer, For Poorer.

Money Can Be an Emotional Issue. Realistic Expectations. Are You a Saver or a Spender? Saver and Spender Combinations. Making Financial Decisions Together.

11.Money Management. Budget Basics. The Household Budget. Three Ways to Organize Your Money.
12.My Pillow Is Your Pillow.

Marriage and Sex. Communication and Sex. Obstacles to a Great Sex Life. Plan to Have Good Sex. Men and Women Are Different. Birth Control and Married Sex.

13.Domestic Drudgery.

Housework Hurdles. Getting Beyond Stereotypes. Chores Are a Bore. Hiring a Housecleaner.

14.I Married You, Not Your Whole Family.

Your Mother Is Driving Me Crazy! Loving Hearts. Common Conflicts. Out-of-Town Visits. Keep Your Problems to Yourselves. Accentuate the Positive.


15.Planning the Unplannable.

Decisions, Decisions. Common Concerns About Having a Child. Timing Is Everything. Now or Later? Don't Put It Off Too Long.

16.And Baby Makes Three.

Bringing the Baby Home. Caring For Each Other. It's Not Just the Two of You. Outside Relationships. Making Special Time for Yourselves Without the Kids.

17.Parenting as Partners.

Building Blocks. The Great Imitators. Disciplining Your Kids. Merging Different Parenting Styles. Family Routines. Family Vacations. Creating a Happy Family.


18.Employed, Unemployed, Reemployed.

Love and Work. All I've Got Is Time. Money Is