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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Ethics is a comprehensive A to Z reference to the business of right and wrong. This book will help you define your own philosophy of life, of making sense of the endless ethical dilemmas that confront us on a daily basis. The authors cover virtually every aspect of applied ethics and behavior, even harking back to the theories doctrines of the ancient Greeks. Other topics that apply to everyday life include gender ethics (political correctness) racial ethics (tolerance), and applying ethical behavior to the workplace and home. This book will be the ultimate source for anyone looking to lead an ethical life, or even just trying to discern between right and wrong in an increasingly unethical world.


1.So, What's Your Philosophy of Life?

Ethics in Everyday Life. Why Terminology Matters. It's Not Just a Fact, It's Your Life. Norms, Social Cooperation, and Life's Purpose.

2.The Inevitability of Ethical Dilemmas.

Making Sense of Ethical Dilemmas. Moral Conflicts. Preferences Versus Value Choices. True Blue: Be True to Yourself. Critical Reason and the Moral Agent.

3.Convince Me That I'm Wrong.

Give Me One Good Reason. Because My Parents Said So. The Importance of Skepticism.

4.God Made Me Do It.

Can a Nonbeliever Be Ethical? Because God Said So: Divine Command Theory. Objection #1.Objection #2. Objection #3. Does the Bible Tell Us So? Difference Between Faith and Reason.

5.Let Science Be Your Guide.

If Not God, Then Nature. The Good Scientist as Moral Guru. Hello Science, Good-Bye Ethics. Having Your Cake And Eating It, Too. Of Moral Engineers and Other Monsters.


6."Me First" Ethics.

Psychological Egoism. Ethical Egoism. Altruism? No Way!

7."Us First" Ethics.

Ethical Subjectivism@CHAPTER = Cultural Relativism. "It's All Relative: Facts vs. Value Judgments".

8.Cynical About Ethics?

Ripping Off the Masses. Marx's Critique of Moral Ideas. Sick to Death of Ethics. Friedrich Nietzsche's Affirmative Nihilism. Of Sheep and Supermen. An Ounce of Cynicism Is Worth a Pound of Nihilism.


9.Ancient Greek Virtue Ethics.

The Virtue of Vice Squads. It's Good to Be Good. Please Don't Kill Me with Kindness. Different Strokes for Different Folks.

10.Middle Age Virtues.

Nature as a Moral Order. One Christian Take on Human Nature. Does Knowing What's Natural Come Naturally? Looking Ahead to Modern Natural Law.

11.Modern Social Contract Theory.

Low-Ball Ethics. Contracting to Get Out of a Hole. You Scratch My Back and I'll Scratch Yours. Broken Contracts.

12.We Can't Forget Kant.

Do Your Duty! Hypothetical Versus Unconditional Commands. Absolute No-No's: The Categorical Imperative. Getting Your Just Deserts.

13.Consequentialist Theories.

Sorry, Kant: Outcomes Matter. Jeremy Bentham's Utilitarianism. You Can't Compare Apples and Oranges. Quality Is Better Than Quantity. John Stuart Mill's Rule of Utilitarianism.

14.Using the "F" Word: Feminist Ethics.

Do Women Have a Different Morality? The Ethic of Care. Do Women Care Too Much?. Beyond an Ethic of Care.

15.There's a Fly in My Recipe.

Limits of Virtue Ethics and Feminist Ethics. Hitches with Natural Law Ethics. Glitches with Social Contractarian Ethics. Problems with Duty-Based Ethics. Issues with Consequentialist Ethics.

16.Mixing Recipes.

Mixing Moral Recipes. Add Some Consequences to a Medley of Duties. W.D. Ross. Add Some Primary Goods to a Casserole of Rights. Jurgen Habermas's Discourse Ethics.


17.Environmental Ethics.

Determining How to Value Nature. People First. What'll It Cost Me? Nature First. Spicing Up Your Life with Biocentrism. Radical Deep Ecology: Get Rid of Humans!.

18.Biomedical Ethics.

From Principles to Practice. Death Be Not Proud. Murder or Killing? Issues in Abortion. Dr. Frankenstein Revisited. Carbon Copies: Cloning and Gen