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Readers will find coverage on: women in the ancient world-equal rights for all? From Helen of Troy and Sappho to Nefertiti and women architects and doctors-we women can do anything marriage, fashion, dowries,and the Black Plague-just a day in the life of the women of the Middle Ages healers, guild workers, and alewives-who said women who worked started in the 1950s? women at war and politics in the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries and information about women's suffrage to the Women's Movement and beyond.


1.A Woman's Life.

Early People. Life as a Nomad. Trading Roaming for Farming. The Rise of Civilization. Life in the Fertile Crescent. Ancient Luxuries. Mothers of Invention .Early Fashionistas. Making Up Like an Egyptian . Wigged Out. Ancient Skin Care. Gods and Goddesses: Religion. Goddess Worship in Greece and Rome. Bearing Babies. Wedding Rings.

2.Ancient Rights.

The Beginning of Male Dominance. The Rights of Babylonian Women. Equality in Egypt. Women's Rights in Ancient Jewish Society. The Un-Democratic Greeks. Roman Rule.

3.Queen for a Day: Rulers and Warriors.

Woman in Pharaoh's Clothing: Hatshepsut. Fulfilling a Prophecy: Jael. Fighting for Her Country: Cleopatra. Zenobia the Land Grabber. Bodacious Boadicea. Preserving Their Country: Trung Nhi and Trung Trac. Trien Au.

4.At Work.

First Work. A Common Thread. In Attendance. First Physicians. The Oldest Profession. In the Marketplace. Brewers and Bakers.


Poetry in Motion: Sappho. Sappho's Work Lost. Healing Hands: Acca Laurentia. City Builder: Queen Semiramis. Alchemy: Mary the Jewess. Critical Thinker: Hypatia. Teacher and Debater: Aspasia .Courtesan to Empress: Theodora. True Believer: Nefertiti. Mother of Military Invention: Penthesilia. Giving Her Life for Her Faith: Perpetua.

6.Notorious Women.

Fu Hao Messalina the Elder. The Black Widow: Agrippina II.Athaliah. Pheretima. The Lemnians. Galla Placidia. Helen of Troy. The Delicious Dido.


7.A Day in the Life.

Civilization in Uproar. Fighting for Their Lives. Floods and Famine. A Plague on Your House. Fashion Disasters. Annual Baths. Life on the Fief. Marriage: Let's Make a Deal. Married to the Church. Living the Monastic Life.

8.Medieval Rights.

Laws from the Ancients. Ensuring Obedience. Property Rights. Owning the Land. Personal Rights. The Particular Plight of Widows.

9.Royal Warriors.

Defender of the Faithful: Queen Bathilde. Eleanor of Aquitaine. Tamara of Georgia. Blanche of Castile. Isabella of Castile. Queen Jadwiga.

10.The Working Life.

Working the Fiefs. Bye Industries. Early Enterprise. Nursing and Healing. Urban Workers. Living the Domestic Life .Alewives. Guild Workers .Boys' Clubs.


Royal Historian: Anna Comnena. Female Troubadour: Marie de France. The First Novelist. Visionary, Saint, and Scientist: St. Hildegard of Bingen. Feminist: Christine de Pizan. Autobiographer: Margery Kempe.


Lady Godiva. Joan of Arc. The Witches' Hammer. Baddest of the Bad. Clerical Scandal: Heloise and Abelard.

III.3 Rebirth and the Begnning of the - Modern World

13.Daily Life.

Living the Common Life. Dedication to Home and Hearth. The State of Marriage. What Women Are Wearing. Perfuming. Health. School Days. Women in Religion. New Freedoms. Coming to the New World.

14.Defending Our Rights.

The Rule of the Patriarchs. Marriage and the Law. Property Rights. The Female Body. Voices of Change. Rallying the Forces. Rights in the Colonies. Legislating Change.

15.Early Modern Rulers.

Anne Boleyn. Elizabeth I.Refusal to Marry. Catherine de Medici. Jeanne d'Albret. Royal Chess Piece. Enter the Reformation. Betrayed! Another Marriage Proposal. The Girl Who Would Be King: Christina of Sweden. Rise to Power. Dirty Girl. Once a Queen, Always a Queen?