Complete idiots guide to solaris 9


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408 p. · 23.2x18.7 cm · Paperback

An essential primer useful to learn the fundamentals of setting up and maintaining a network within the Solaris Operating Environment.

  • To date there are few titles devoted to thoroughly getting a user started on the Solaris operating system from the ground floor.
  • The books author is an expert in Solaris development and administration, having taught various levels of Sun Educations Solaris systems admin courses and wrote numerous technical articles on for Solaris and Java-based technologies.
  • The Free Solaris Binary License program means all potential users can download Solaris OE application for free. Since mid last year over one million licenses have been registered.
The Complete Idiots Guide to Solaris 9 introduces the reader to basic Solaris utilities, file system and shell commands in the context of a workstation or server network, moreover, it explores Solaris performance under both SPARC and Intel processor environments. The reader will be thoroughly introduced to using Solaris in the role of a system administrator, with content on trouble-shooting common problems that occur in everyday systems network upkeep.

Jennifer Sullivan McGinn is currently a technical writer for the Java RMI and Jini groups with Sun Microsystems. Jennifer previously taught, edited and contributed content to all of Sun Educations Java programming and Solaris System Administration courses between 1998-2000. She also spent several years as a high-end system administration consultant with Sun, giving advice and instruction for a whole range of setup, configuration, performance and troubleshooting concerns within the Solaris OE.