Container molecules and their guests (Monographs in supramolecular chemistry)


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Contexts, conceptions, corands, and coraplexes. Spherands, spheraplexes, and their relatives. Chiral recognition in complexation. Partial enzyme mimics. Cavitands. Vases, kites, velcrands, and velcraplexes. Carcerands and carceplexes. Hemicarcerands and constrictive binding. Varieties of hemicarcerands. Reactions of complexed hosts, of incarcerated guests, and hosts protection of guests from self destruction.
This volume covers the evolution of host-guest complexation chemistry over the 25-year period from 1970-1994. It deals with the fundamental principles and objectives that govern this rapidly developing subject and illustrates the emergence of a new field of biomimetic chemistry. The book demonstrates how a number of techniques, such as molecular modelling, synthesis, crystal structure, NMR solution structure and mass spectral structure determinations can be combined to develop a new branch of organic chemistry. It discusses the chemistry of completely new families of complexes, the carceplexes, hemicarceplexes and velcraplexes, and reviews for the first time the uses of the interiors of hemicarceplexes as a new phase for carrying out chemical reactions and for protecting unstable species.