Contemporary readings in psychology


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This special topics reader includes over 30 articles from recent issues of the New York Times on currently debated issues in Psychology. It introduces readers to cutting-edge data and theory on controversial topics in psychology, and makes them more savvy consumers of psychology in the popular press. Introductions to each article provide additional background, enabling readers to appreciate the importance of each debate. KEY TOPICS: Features articles on topics in Neurobiology of Human Behavior, Cognition and Consciousness, Developmental Questions, Personality and Social Behavior, and Psychopathology and Its Treatment. MARKET: For anyone interested in today's controversial issues in psychology.
Part 1: NEUROBIOLOGY OF HUMAN BEHAVIOR.. 1. Fear and Anger Heard Deep Inside the Brain. 2. Doctors Record Signals of Brain Cells Linked to Memory. 3. Hardest Habits to Break: Memories of the High. 4. When an Adult Adds a Language, Its One Brain, Two Systems. 5. First Gene for Social Behavior Identified in Whiskery Mice. Part 2: COGNITION AND CONSCIOUSNESS.. 6. Evolutionary Necessity or Glorious Accident? 7. Was Freud Wrong? Are Dreams the Brains Startup Test? 8. Getting to the Truth in Child Abuse Cases: New Methods. 9. IQ Scores Are Up, and Psychologists Wonder Why. 10. Intelligence in All Its Interactive Aspects. Part 3: DEVELOPMENTAL QUESTIONS.. 11. Movement May Offer Early Clue to Autism. 12. Two Experts Do Battle over Potty Training. 13. The Hype and Hope of Reading to Baby. 14. After Girls Get the Attention, Focus Shifts to Boys Woes. 15. Exploring Physical Beauty as a Psychological Weapon. Part 4: PERSONALITY AND SOCIAL BEHAVIOR.. 16. Self Image Is Suffering from Lack of Esteem. 17. An Unusual Tool in Hiring the Right Person. 18. On the Edge of Age Discrimination. 19. Battered Women Face Pit Bulls and Cobras. 20. Getting Serious About Adultery, Who Does It and Why They Risk It. Part 5: PSYCHOPATHOLOGY AND ITS TREATMENT.. 21. On the Fringes of the Bell Curve, the Evolving Quest for Normality. 22. As Drugs for Depression Multiply, So Do the Hard Questions. 23. New Theories of Depression Focus on Brains Two Sides. 24. Studies of Schizophrenia Vindicate Psychotherapy. 25. Memory Therapy Leads to a Lawsuit and Big Settlement.