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A continuing best-seller, the Sixth Edition of Content Area Reading and Literacy equips preservice and inservice teachers to teach content area literacy in an era of high accountability and provides in-depth and integrated attention to the needs of students from diverse cultural and language backgrounds.

This well-respected text has been lauded for its scope of topics and examples, its research-based information, and its accessible writing style. Written by trusted authorities in the field of adolescent literacy, Donna Alvermann, Stephen Phelps, and Victoria Ridgeway Gillis, the sixth edition includes up-to-date information on addressing the literacy needs of English learners and a culturally diverse student population. Victoria Ridgeway Gillis has more than two decades of secondary school teaching experience, which brings added depth and credibility to each chapter. This text also addresses new frameworks for reading and writing instruction, including a sociocultural perspective on teaching and learning and insights from the New Literacies.

Chapter 1. Content Literacy and the Reading Process

Chapter 2. Language, Diversity, and Culture

Chapter 3. Creating a Favorable Learning Environment

Chapter 4. Planning for Content Literacy

Chapter 5. Assessment of Students and Textbooks

Chapter 6. Preparing to Read

Chapter 7. Reading to Learn

Chapter 8. Increasing Vocabulary and Conceptual Growth

Chapter 9. Reflecting on Reading

Chapter 10. Writing Across the Curriculum

Chapter 11. Studying and Study Strategies

Chapter 12. Developing Lifetime Readers: Literature in Content Area Classes