Core concepts in pharmacology (3rd ed )


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This comprehensive, up-to-date text introduces pharmacology from an interdisciplinary perspective, illuminating core concepts of anatomy, physiology, and pathology that make drug therapy understandable to all nursing students.Organized around body systems and diseases, it clearly places each drug in context. Its focused nursing content includes easy-to-read flowcharts that illuminate assessment, diagnosis, planning, interventions, patient education, discharge planning, and evaluation. This edition contains new chapters on the nursing process and drugs for degenerative diseases and muscles new Safety Alerts new coverage of weight loss surgery and drugs revamped NCLEX-PN® questions a brand-new glossary, and many other improvements. Some new feautres to this edition include:

  • New! Full chapter on the nursing process
  • New! All-new chapter on drugs for degenerative diseases and muscles
  • New! Safety Alerts call attention to medication errors and Joint Commission safety guidelines Updated! End-of-chapter NCLEX-PN® questions completely revamped to reflect the latest practice
  • New! Scenario-based Case Study Questions help students apply pharmacology and nursing care to specific clients and circumstances


1. Introduction to Pharmacology: Drug Regulation and Approval

2. Drug Classes, Schedules, and Categories

3. Methods of Drug Administration

4. What Happens After a Drug Has Been Administered

5. The Nursing Process

6. Herbs and Dietary Supplements

7. Substance Abuse


8. Drugs Affecting Functions of the Autonomic Nervous System

9. Drugs for Anxiety and Insomnia

10. Drugs for Emotional and Mood Disorders

11. Drugs for Psychoses

12. Drugs for Degenerative Diseases and Muscles

13. Drugs for...